Serial Variations in English e-Series Cards

I’m specifically referring to Expedition, Skyridge and Aquapolis.

Is there any hard documentation of serial variations existing in these cards? Absolutely any of them?
I’ve heard people talk about it several times, but have not encountered anyone able to provide pictures or real evidence of serial variations existing in any of these three sets. I’d really love to know for certain.

Thanks for anything you guys can provide. Consider the question valid for each set individually, as it is possible they exist for one and not another I would think.

Where would one find these serials?

Directly underneath the image on the right-hand side.

Charlie and I have been talking about this for a while and we found the following “differences” in cards.

  1. Some cards have the dot stuff on the bottom and side, some have the dot stuff on the bottom and lines on the side, and some cards have lines on the bottom and side. However, these differences only exist in the set, not among individual cards, so you won’t see an Eevee with double dots and then the same card with double lines; every Eevee will have the same dot-line pattern. Also, it seems that holos and RH only have lines. I can’t say this for the H cards though, as I don’t have any to look at.

  2. The serial numbers on holos don’t end with “- #” but RH and non-holos do.

  3. The E3 promos with the Japanese backs (Pichu and Hoppip) have different serial numbers than their non-promo counterparts, but this is only because they are promos.

  4. The Sample cards have the same serial number, but the letter is M instead of whatever it is in the set.

Also, For Position Only cards match their set counterparts. But that’s more extra information than anything.