Sending to psa from UK

so i have around 100 cards that i want to send to psa, i tought to buy silver membership and send them with fedex with insurance. the only issue i have is the return. i read that a lot of people gets problem with custom, do i have to pay import charges? like if they value is 1000 do i have to pay taxes? i mean the card were mine in first place so why i need to pay taxes on it?

i know there is ludkins and other services but i wanted to start to grade on my own to get more experience

I made a similar post a short while ago with a very informative response from another member:


There’s actually a specific Customs Procedure Code set up for this exact purpose: 23 00 000.

As for the main topic at hand, you may want to give Ludkins Collectibles a go. I’m in the UK and all my PSA dealings are done through them.

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@justmatt, oh thanks man, so basically if i keep my online receipt ( sending with fedex from parcel2go) that i sent this items to psa it should be fine?

@pichufan, yeah i know there is ludkins, used him a lot but i send a lot of cards ( 200/300 everymonth) and if i work out i can make a big profit just if i send them on my own that’s why i was trying to understand how it works.

Yes correct, although I dont think you always have to supply any information. I have had 3 orders sent and received with no issues, just turned up at my door, I had to provide nothing but from the other persons input, keep that information as proof you sent the items incase you are asked. I believe PSA provide the originally tracking in their forms.

Personally I use Royal mail to send cards to PSA. I use parcel2go for my mainstream ebay business, its efficient and good for my 5kg + parcels. However they are a shit show for claims and dealing with the couriers. If anything goes wrong, which is like 1/500 orders so rare but happens, the courier itself doesnt want to deal with you, they want you to deal with who you paid (parcel2go). In that case, they have no customer service number, you can only message them. In return they only message the couriers, you also deal with parcel2go parcel insurance, not the couriers.

Royal Mail I buy on their website, and ive never had any problems touch wood but Ive always had greater success when dealing direct with couriers when its an item you care about. With business I can write it off as a business cost, Its different when its personal.

@justmatt, maybe they just require proof of export if order is above a certain value. All my returns have been upwards of £1k and fedex always asks for proof of export before releasing it VAT free.

Was actually able to find an export form for an incoming submission. PSA clearly states it is being returned to owner, but fedex still asked for proof of export before releasing it.


@justmatt,thanks man, will use royal mail for sure.

@kaldoverde, when i send the items psa give an customer copy, i also could attach it and also have all proof of purchase through ebay. do u know which service psa use to send it back to uk?

Be careful using parcel2go for somthing of high value as a submission.
If anything goes wrong then you will have to rely on parcel2go to communicate with fedex since they are an intermediary agent on your behalf.

Their rates are cheap becuase they consolidate a large number of packages.

If I were to send a sub I would pay the £100+ fee fedex would charge using them directly.

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@prochaos, yeah will use royal mail or fedex

Hi, Yes I think this would be correct, my next submission is going to be a fair way above the 1k mark so I will be able to see and compare, but I will definitely keep ahold of all postage proof and so on. I am waiting for the covid 19 period to pass first. My packets also had PSA clearly saying it was return of my own goods. I actually appreciated how they say it, I feel it could be done with less effort making it more tricky.

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Something I learned about FedEx a few days ago is that they will only cover collectibles up to $1,000 in value (see here). With FedEx you’d need additional insurance, which FedEx themselves do not offer. UPS on the other hand will cover collectibles up to £50,000 in the UK and $100,000 in the US, and it’s entirely based on the declared value of the package.

As for Royal Mail, make sure to ask for insurance if you’re sending items between £500 and £2,500 in value. Special Delivery orders are covered up to £500, but after that you won’t get any more back unless you ask for additional insurance (which only costs around £3). Royal Mail do not offer insurance above £2,500.

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@babilonte9292, mine have always been delivered by Fedex.

They never asked me for proof of purchase of the items, or PSA’s customer copy. I think fedex clearance just try to keep it simple for customs and ask for something that can be easily recognized and accepted.

The fact that PSA includes the original tracking number on their returns seems to indicate that this is probably standard practice internationally when returning collectibles.

thanks for all the information guys