Sealed Case Review VSTAR Universe

Hey guys,

I bought a Case of VSTAR Universe via my Japan contact from a reputable Mercari seller. The seller has 1k+ sales with a near perfect rating. The images match the Case and I trust my Japan contact. Weight of the Case is around 4100g which matches roughly 20x Boxes plus the carton.

Now the Case looks clean, there are no marks or any signs of intrusion on the flaps or anything, but the glue marks on the long side flap have me worried. I saw a video or some photos from a resealed Case a couple weeks back (which I cant find now) but that one had the same glue marks. Only they were not on the long flap like mine but on the short side flaps. I dont know if they use this particular glue in the factory and I dont have another Case for reference on me.

If someone here with a known legit VSTAR Universe Case could verify its authenticity that would be much appreciated!


I think you are being needlessly paranoid, you answer your own fears in the first post.


Yeah probably because I saw this glue type being used on resealed Cases. Just getting confirmation by someone with a Case and the same glue marks would be cool.