RussianStandard's Venusaur Wants

So after searching Ebay for a few hours a few cards needed to start off this new collection aren’t available in true near mint condition ( Mint is desirable but seemingly impossible at the moment)

Base Set Venusaurs (Pretty much all Versions except shadowless , I am working on a deal for that as we speak )

*No Rarity Venusaur

English :

1st Edition(Nm-Mint)
1st Edition Shadowless (NM-MINT)



Korean (this can be in excellent +)

Chinese(excellent +)

If you have any of these
please pm me and we can try to work out a deal
I live in the Uk incase some of you didn’t know that yet

any desire for non-tcg saurs?

Eventually yeah

No Rarity Venusaur is the priority for now out of them all !

Wish I could read this site!

Mind translating ?:grin:

Your browser should be able to give you a rough translation. I can’t speak/read or write Japanese either :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you need help translating?

It’s just…

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