*RESOLVED* ripped off on a heavy long seal uk pack

Hey guys. I recieved a heavy UK 4th print booster pack today. Everything looked legit- the seals didnt look tampered with. But when i opened the pack the cards were all out of order. Common, uncommons, holo, and 2 energies… After further inspection i noticed the holo had a copywrite of 1999 while every other card in the pack had the correct date 1999-2000. The seller is refusing to accept the fact it had been tampered with and i have the pack opening on film. Just goes to show people can really suck sometimes! Lol :neutral_face:

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I’ve see 2000 copyright on every card but the holo in a pack before. Seller might not be scamming. By the way what was the holo?

Holo was a poliwrath… But why also were the cards in that order? Or is the UK print run different?

I think some packs are just out of order by mistake.

Happens a lot with these packs. Nothing signals tampering from everything mentioned.

It was a risk & 99 holos are possible in those packs. Seller may have known, but also may not have.


I mean i suppose its possible- but it just threw me off- i have had 1 card out of place before but not 5. The centering on all of the cards varies dramatically too but that is kind of irrelevent. I hope that it was legit and was just an error. I dont want to accuse someone of doing wrong if they didnt.

Do any of you look at the cut line on the wrapper? I recently opened a fossil pack and barely noticed the wrapper edges were unevenly cut.

Yeah i looked it over it looked to be good to me i didnt notice anything odd.

All WOTC packs are cut unevenly on the top and bottom seams to some extent; it was an aspect of their manufacture. If you measure them you’ll find that the top left and lower right edges are cut longer by a millimeter or two.

Also, all of the above mentioned with regards to the card order and copywrite dates is consistent in my experience and what I’ve seen. I once opened an unlimited jungle pack that had no rare at all.

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My advise would be to watch openings of UK print base packs on youtube, there’s a few ( I’d check out Gem Mint Pokemon’s openings, as it’s one I remember watching), most , if not possibly all the holos can be 1999 dated in a 4th print booster box. It’s more likely than pulling a 1999-2000 stamped holo, but the commons and uncommon will have the 1999-2000 date. that’s just how these packs are.

Rusty also has a short video where this is shown to be the case :

As for the order,that also happens with Pokemon in general, and isn’t a definite sign of tampering, more than likely just occurred during the manufacture of the pack


Thanks for all the info everyone!! Glad i can always come to the forum and get the answers i need :blush:

Is this the same post that’s on virbank atm ? Regarding this pack

Every 4th print uk pack I’ve opened was in a different order compared to all other base prints. Probably is fine esp since you pulled a Holo


Not sure i dont know what virbank is


You didn’t get ripped off, 99-2000 packs have different card order and 1999 dated holos are possible to pull, it’s rarer to pull a 1999-2000 dated holo in my experience


Seems like a pretty reasonable seller imo


Thanks for the information guys, this is why i joined the forum to have a community to talk with and learn more from. I dont think i got ripped off- just didnt know at first. Thanks for clearing everything up and informing me about the 1999 copywrite! I have apologized to the seller and everything is good. This was my first time buying a 4th print pack so i didnt know much about them, and compared to other packs ive opened this one was by far the most out of whack when it comes to order