Removing indents from cards? D:

So when I’m not collecting, I sometimes enjoy making natural jewel leatherwrap bracelets. Because of this, I sometimes leave my materials on top of things for a short time if I expect to use them soon.

Well I got a few cards in the mail that I haven’t really opened recently but earlier today I had left some stone beads on top of the packaging, thinking they’d be okay like that for a short time until I needed to use them.

Well I’m staying with my sister for the summer and she and her roommates have inspection tomorrow so they moved a bunch of things around. As you may see where this is going, my sister decided to put some heavy stuff on top of the cards AND beads, not realizing it wasn’t a flat surface and it stayed like that for about two hours.

When I went to use the beads, to my horror, I discovered two cards that now had a small bump/indent on them, only visible when shined against the light.

One of these is a Gyarados Carddass Green Back. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m currently trying out the, flat surface, and heavy flat objects/books trick but aren’t too sure how reliable of a method this is.

Anyone have any better suggestions?

You can’t undent a card…
It’s like trying to flatten a crumpled sheet of paper :slightly_frowning_face:

A fresh indent like that can be minimized at least! Squish it between a textbook (in a sleeve) and pile a bunch of textbooks on top. It’s worked wonders for me the odd time I had a very slightly indented card. Doesn’t result in perfection, but it helps!

Eta: (aka the original idea you had in your post oops!) I don’t have any other ideas unfortunately. But try this one for a good month at least

Kind of off topic, but while we’re on the subject of indents, I’m more and more finding “NM” cards to come in with indents. I really feel indents should be described when sold or the grade should be bumped below NM. Anyway I’m sorry to hear that Azul Ryu. I would definitely recommend keeping your cards in something protected if possible especially if other people are going to be around.

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Yeah, it’s kind of been a hard lesson to learn, but I’m doing the book stacking thing in hopes it’ll make SOME difference.

I got the cards for a wicked good deal so I can’t be terribly upset, but you’re right. I think I’ll continue with my policy of “Open package, sleeve, insert in binder, done”.

Thanks all!

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what about curve cards? I been putting 20lbs of weights on the cards, and the curves are still there!

More weight + more time exposed to the weight

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This works. I received a bunch of curved Holos from Base back when I collected English. I left them under several text books for ~3 months and the curvature was almost entirely gone.

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In such a case of curved cards, wouldn’t it also be good to place a dehumidifier in the area? I’ve been told that curving is caused by exposure to moisture so maybe helping eliminate it with that could work?

Hmm interesting. If I hadn’t heard you guys ideas I’d be afraid that trying to flatten a curved card would cause the front hollow to tare or wrinkle since it would seem the front has shrunk compared to the back causing the curvature.

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