RayquazaTCG Autograph Collection 2018

I am super happy to own all of these amazing cards and items! I find it fascinating how little sharpie marks makes a card so much more appealing (imo), and I am always searching for autographs that I do not own :grin: Please feel free to post your own autographs on this thread if you have some rare or unusual ones! :sunglasses:

**Mitsuhiro Arita Autographed PSA Cases. Rayz4Dayz!

Mitsuhiro Arita Autographed Cards Graded & Authenticated by PSA! Love the Gem Muk & Ray! Proof that PSA WILL GIVE 10s on autographed cards.

Mitsuhiro Arita Autographed Jumbo Ray personalized to me <3__<3

Mitsuhiro Arita Autographed ungraded cards. Most of these will be graded soon! The little sketches add so much to them!

Midori Harada Autographed Magnetons personalized to Frankie and Michael (?) LOL

Midori Harada Autographed Art Print! Gifted to me by @hazard24 :heart_eyes: Amazing piece.

Hironobu Yoshida Autographed Deoxys and Energy. WOOOOBBBUUUFFFEEETTTTTTTTT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Takumi Akabane Autographed energys. Can you spot the Dittos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kagemaru Himeno FT.Psyduck :grin:

TOKIYA & Imakuni Autos on such random cards lol!

The AMAZING Masakazu Fukuda autographed Treecko Gold Star. Sometimes I dream that this was a Rayquaza… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The one and only “ASH”

You don’t see this… EVER… LOL. Autographed PSA case by Hikaru Koike!

This man doesn’t need any introduction.

20th Anniversary Junichi Masuda Lottery Autograph!

Last, but not least, Tsunekazu Ishihara (Pokemon CEO) Autographed Pokemon X!



This collection is the most beautiful I thing I have seen. Are you going to get a signed GS Ray? Getting a Fukada signed card seems pretty hard. Has he been to any world’s or the like since 2006?

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I wish I could:(

I don’t think he has unfortunately

This is one awesome autograph collection!!!



This is crazy coolllll!!

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Wow, those are awesome! Especially those from artists you don’t see every day. Thanks for sharing!
I’ve seen some before on Instagram, so I knew you were getting more and more autographed cards these days, but they look cool all in one thread!

Any artists in particular you’d love to add to your collection, @RayquazaTCG ? (Well, I can think of one actually, since you recently posted a picture with like 1000 of the same Rayquaza card, lol. :grin: )

Don’t mind if I do. :blush:

Mitsuhiro Arita:
The first autographed card I had was this one, which I won in a pretty cheap PWCC auction:

A few weeks later I won two more PWCC autographed Pikahus, this time the Base Pikachu. Both his English and Japanese signatures (and again authenticated by Beckett):

And when I had the opportunity to send in cards myself to get signed by Mitsuhiro Arita when he was in Milaan Italy last year, I send in all 7 language variations of the XY Evolutions Pikachu, as well as a Shattered Foil from the Pikachu Deck:

Here a picture of mr. Arita signing my cards:


When I came across this on on YJ I also had to buy it. :blush: Although Imakuni? is obviously not the artist of this card, he did sign it, and since it’s a Pikachu, I don’t mind that he did. :wink:


#27 WotC Promo Pikachu signed by Veronica Taylor (the English voice actress of Ash in the anime). Glad I was able to find this eventually, even though the auction was probably shill-bid at some point…

Jumbo Base Pikachu signed by Mitsuhiro Arita (both his Enlish and Japanese signature), Mighty Mike, Torii PCL, and some other old-school Pokémon ‘celebrities’:

Unfortunately I think this one is fake… It’s supposed to be the signature of Ikue Ōtani (the voice Actress of Pikachu), but it looks different from the ones I could find online, so I’m doubting it’s legitimacy.

Gengar signed by Dr. Sameji (I think he’s a voice actor in the anime or one of the video games, but I’m not entirely sure). But it was only like 5 USD on YJ, and the signature looked pretty cool, so I bought it on impulse.

And one not worth mentioning… 068/SM-P Promo Pikachu signed by Ponita Ishii (some Japanese YouTube with about 10k subs… :laughing: :unamused: ). Complete miss-buy on my part…

Oh, and one where the sleeve is signed instead of the card itself. :blush:



Awesome cards @quuador


Great stuff!

All about the ditto that Akabane draws


Some more Arita Cards for the autograph collection. These are probably my favorites so far :rofl:


How did you meet him to get the signatures? I wish I could get some like this!

This last bunch was sent to someone in dallas to get them signed :blush:

dat PSA 10 EX Dragon Zard with auto and drawing…hnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg


I second that! @fourthstartcg


BIG update for this collection thread! If you follow me on instagram I’m sure you’ve seen them before haha.

1st off, PSA authenticated Mitsuhiro Arita Sketch & Autographed Rayquaza! The sketch makes this card so awesome!

2nd, PSA 9 Craig Turvey Autographed Snorlax! LOL

3rd, a few more Masakazu Fukuda, Imakuni, & Kawayoo!

4th, a really unique one! Evolutions Zard signed by Yuji Kitano (TCG Producer) & Atsushi Nagashima (TCG Game Director/Head of Development)

Lastly, I found this really cool Ken Sugimori Signed Notecard. It goes great with this Pokemon Center exclusive print! I will eventually send it to PSA to get it authenticated.


Words cannot describe the jealousy I have :grin:

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Wow awesome collection, so jealous!!!

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Thanks :grin: