Quick Start Vending Holos, No Damage Ninetales, WEB prices?

Hey all, I’m looking to buy the Quick Start Holos(Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Scyther, Master Ball), but I’m not sure what a fair price would be. I’m looking to get them in M/NM condition, but ungraded. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :blush:

And also the No-Damage Shadowless Ninetales, what is a fair price for that?

Also I just decided I want to start getting a full set of Pokemon WEB, so was wondering what a good price for a whole set would be? And also a price for the following singles for the set, the ones I want to buy sooner than later…

WEB Ninetales
WEB Magikarp(University)
WEB Zapdos
WEB Venasaur
WEB Surfing Pikachu
WEB Machamp
WEB Raichu
WEB Nidoking

Sorry for the ridiculous amount of questions lately! I’m just really looking to expand my collection right now and am buying things that I have never owned, I want my new collection to be different from my old collection with a larger variety of cards that I truly like the artwork of as opposed to cards that were just very rare, thanks for any help though! I really appreciate everyone here

The quick start holos tend to go for around $200 I believe but i’m not sure about a ninetales as I can’t recall seeing one for sale…

For ninetails look for $70-160

Ninetails will run you $100-$150, unless you can get some awesome private deal.

Thanks everyone! Someone offered me a Shadowless Error Ninetales for $250 and I wasn’t sure whether or not that was a good deal, now I have an idea of what to offer on it :blush:. As for the Quick Start Holo’s, I hope I can get them but idk… that seems like too much to pay for them :slightly_frowning_face:. I thought the one’s on eBay were just very overpriced but I guess not, I’m just gonna settle for the non-holo versions, those are reasonably priced and just as nice

You can find the Holos for about $20-$30 each, they usually appear on eBay at that price from Japanese sellers, search eBay daily and you shall be rewarded. :blush:

I’m hoping some pop up soon! I’ve been checking Y!J because I know I’ve seen them dirt cheap on there on many many occasions, but not having much luck right now. I’m hoping some pop up soon so I can just place a big order and get some japanese gold star cards too, need that Mew lol

Ahhh I AM SO PISSED! I just lost an auction for a sealed complete quick starter set, there was 1 second left, and someone outbid my max bid(which was 200) with ONE SECOND LEFT. I had the winning bid for like 12 hours with $81, with a max of $200. I knew I should have raised it to $250. But LITERALLY ONE SECOND LEFT!

I am so salty. I wanted to win that so bad.

That box was not sealed… it was opened and complete btw.

Yes that’s the one, that’s what I consider sealed lol, just having all the components. Had it had plastic on it I would have bought it anyway. I wanted it so badly though lol. I was yelling when it get sniped, I wasn’t prepared for it. The last one on eBay sold for like 90$ I think, I was sure 200$ would have won.

I was on that auction as well but decided not to bid when I saw it hit $200.

In hindsight, that really isn’t that bad of a price. :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck with it! :blush: