Quick psa question

If a card is perfect, but the centering is off, is the card still likely to receive a 10? I know 10s are usually allowed one or two small mistakes, but I don’t know if centering factors into that.

I think it’s 75/25 or something like that. Someone might correct me if I’m wrong on this.

must not exceed approx 55/45 to 60/40 percent on the front, and 75/25 percent on the back

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But some 10’s definitely do exceed those as we have seen examples of posted on this forum though relatively few. In those cases maybe the card was nearly flawless otherwise, so @pokemoncollector7 it really depends on the extent of off centering and the overall condition and eye appeal of the card otherwise.

I’d say the ones which do exceed by a large margins are oversights rather than the grader purposely disregarding the ratios due to a otherwise perfect card

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Card in question. Looks great based on the pictures and the description. But its getting up to the price point where it would be as cheap to wait for a 9 at auction on ebay if the chances of a 9 are high. Last ebay 9 went for 163 or something. So thats why im worried on the centering.

@acebren @gottaketchumall

Being off that much it will very likely be a 9 at best, though there are (very very few) 10’s with similar centering and maybe even slightly worse.

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Saw the auction and the offcenter is way too obvious and it would definitely affect overall appeal. PSA 9 at most imo

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Yeah thats what i was thinking unfortunately. Glad to have the confirmation so i dont waste my time on it. Thanks guys.