Questions and seeking EX

Ok so I have some questions about latios and latias ex.

In the 1st EX era there was the dragon set (it was called dragon in US)EX pair, there were the dragon frontiers EX pair, but recently I have learned that there were others in Japan. I am trying to figure what sets or promos, or if it was a complete pair.

I recently saw a latios EX that is just like the dragon set version, except it is nonholo. Then I saw a Japanese holo latias EX that seems to have no English counterpart. What are these from?? Was there a nonholo latias to match latios? Was there an exclusive art holo latios EX to match latias?

Also if anyone has those Japanese exclusives, their possible counterparts, the recent FA Japanese giratina ex or recent FA Japanese rayquaza ex (with exclusive artwork)…I am interested in trading or possibly buying soon.

Finally! A question that I can answer! :stuck_out_tongue:

You are referring to the Salamence and Flygon Consructed Decks. They come with a Non-Holo Latias ex and Latios ex respectively. In Japan, these were the only prints of Latias ex and Latios ex with the same artwork as their English EX Dragon counterparts.

To answer your second question, the Latias ex and Latios ex with a similar, but Holo artwork is from the Latias and Latios gift box. You can find a link here for more information. Did you happen to see the listing on eBay for these two cards? If so, I would advise you to be cautious because he sold me a few cards that weren’t quite as described.

think the folder I got contains one or both of these, i’ll check later

latios and Latias gift box cards:

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Ok so there are 4 Japanese lati-EX cards I now seek. Thanks for the answers, if anyone has these to spare, please PM me.

I have loads of ex sets

All your cards are extremely overpriced…


It could be that she doesn’t want to let them go for less than what she values them.

Even then, collectibles are a competitive market and they won’t easily sell at those prices.

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That’s true.

You need to be more descriptive on your ebay description (ie what do you mean by random cards? common/uncommon/energy/trainer, etc?)

I appreciate help in finding the Japanese exclusive latios/latias EX cards…but blazes none of your auctions contain the cards I seek. So please don’t link auctions on my threads if the auction has nothing to do with said specific cards.

Too much like spam.

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I do on the ones i listed later on. i jsut havent gotten around to fixing the other descriptions of the earlier listed auctions

sorry >.<