Question about USPS missing package

Hi all,

I recently sold a card on eBay and mailed with standard Priority Mail. The card was said to be delivered to this buyer on Friday 3/16. On Sunday, the buyer shoots me a message saying the package was not received despite the USPS’s claim/status update. He said he has video camera footage (security cam I assume) that proves no package was delivered with the card. I understand card might be misdelivered? But for me to file a claim and have chance of redeeming money on the value of the card, I feel like my case will be helped if I can get the video. So I asked the buyer to send me a copy of the video and he said he didn’t know how to download the video. I asked him to see if he can figure something out but he’s been silent since. Within 30 minutes of first receiving the message about his package not being received, he opens up a request on eBay to ask for me to “send the card.”

I don’t mean to suspect this buyer who has some feedback history (27) but his communication seems suspect already. Just wanted to reach out to e4 to see if anyone has encountered this and how likely am I able to get eBay to help and how likely am I to get a successful claim with USPS if I told them that the buyer simply didn’t receive the card despite the system saying it was delivered. In general, any tips would help! Thanks!

The tracking number shows that the package was delivered, right? In my experience that is all that matters. I’ve had a few cases over the years where a case has been opened about an item not being delivered despite tracking saying otherwise and I’ve always won without a problem.

Tracking shows delivered?

You’re in the clear.

I wouldn’t sweat this at all. If you want to try to contact USPS to help locate the package, that would be nice.

In terms of a case though, I don’t think the buyer has a leg to stand on if tracking shows delivered.

Seems like a shitbag buyer, throws the " video evidence " at you immediately, and opens up a case right away.

Unfortunately, the buyer will most likely win, even if it says delivered. Just hope it wasn’t too expensive and you had insurance!
Also look out for the buyer to re sell the item " he never got "

Whats his ebay name? I sure don’t want to sell to him.

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What makes you say that the buyer will most likely win this eBay Case?

Assuming the seller uploaded the tracking information onto eBay after shipping; and the tracking information does in-fact say delivered - the seller obligation should be met (least that’s my take). I’ve only had a few eBay Cases like this; however, I’ve never lost one of these types.

And OP, I’d communicate the with buyer within the eBay Case from this point forward - if he wants to play hard-ball, give it right back to him. I’ll generally always start-out with the same type of message - give a run-down of everything that happened (when you packaged / mailed, via what mail-class, tracking information, and delivery-date). Also provide the exact mailing address that you mailed the order too - ask the buyer to verify that that was the correct / exact mailing-address.


What’s buyer protection is way to strong.

If the item says delivered, and the buyer says he never received it. He will win the case. It’s as simple as that.

Now, if the buyer has done this many times before, it will probably raise some flags and eBay might do something then, but most of the time the buyer wins.

Ebays **

I don’t think this is true. If buyer says item not as described, then he’d likely win. But if tracking shows delivered, the buyer has no case of saying not received at all.

Then the buyer has no case?

So if the mailman delivered a flat rate box to your door, rings the doorbell then scans the box as delivered then walks away.

2 hours later someone comes on your porch and steals the box, while you’re at work.

You come home to no box, you check everywhere, ask the Neighboor’s, wait a couple days to ask the mailman and see if it shows up.

You’re telling me you wouldn’t win that case?

I know this because I’ve seen it first hand.

Which is why I insure EVERYTHING over 200-300 that I send out.

eBay has seller protection as well. If you send a tracked shipment and it shows as delivered you are good to go. Over $750 they also require signature delivery as that is a much stronger evidence that the item actually made it’s way.

I have been on the buying end of a few items that showed as delivered but I did not in fact ever receive the item. One time was back in college when a housemate took it and forgot about it. Other times the package has landed on the wrong porch or in a neighbors mailbox. Unfortunately errors like that can happen. If you find yourself in this situation on the buyer side be sure to check with housemates and neighbors and your postal worker. If you are in this situation on the buyer side simply request that the buyer do a little investigating and if needed let the case take it’s course and eBay will protect you. If it is a small value and at their discretion they may also reimburse the buyer out of their pockets but that it not relevant to you really as you’ve done your seller duties.

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Yes that’s what I’m saying.

If tracking shows delivered, how can ebay put that on the seller?

I am really curious when this happened to you and the buyer won. What exactly occured in that scenario?

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Make sure you keep us updated about the final result yz2428, I’m curious to know. Good luck

I call bullshit on that security camera nonsense. Probably a buyer that files these sort of claims when people ship untracked.

For sure the seller would win the case. Now does that mean the buyer would lose the case? Not necessarily.

Update: called eBay to discuss and they actually closed the original “request” submitted by the buyer in my favor, primarily because of the fact that the item was delivered according USPS. Also, maybe my history with eBay helped? Anyways, later yesterday evening, the buyer sends message inquiring about “what he should do since he doesn’t have the card?” In about 20 minutes after the first message, he escalates the request to a Claim and sends a second message saying he did finally receive the package but didn’t have the right stuff, so he’s requesting a return. At first, I still erred on the side of trusting this buyer, but it is clear now that he’s bullshitting. I’ve even asked eBay on the phone regarding these sorts of practices and, as expected, there is no easy answer but the best bet would be to have a good rep on eBay and eBay will review accordingly. That’s my take away as you know this trick is the nastiest one of them all: claiming you did not receive the right item. Both buyers and sellers can use this tact. Anyhow, I’ll keep you all updated and will share the name of the eBay buyer soon.


sounds like he’s just going down the list of scam tactics until he gets an unjust benefit.


What a waste of time and energy some people are. Just out of curiosity, how much $ are we talking?

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Hi, Ive had this many times, as a fairly large ebay business Ive experienced your exact issue and various twists of it. As others have said if they go straight away with not as described then well you are stuck and have to take the return. If they return the right item or not is another question. I personally havnt had someone who returns a completely different item or empty box but I sell Items that are needed in quick demand, spares etc. Normally when a case is opened and they make up some BS, I say fine return the item as I have no other choice, and regularly they do not return anything and after 10-14 days ebay shut the case as the buyer has no tracking. (they are just hunting for money back from a weaker seller)

When it comes to people claiming to not have received goods but the tracking number says it has been delivered you cannot loose on ebay. It is rough as the buyer generally could have not received it but the only hard info/facts you have is that it is tracked to their door. Ive had my fair share of fraud/scams etc to harden me up and to not believe anyone.

I have been on the receiving end of this however. I bought 24 rolls of packing tape that never got delivered, tracking said it was. Opened a case knowing id loose it and I did. This time it was yodel who is the worst and most slated courier in the UK. I had to take it on the chin as literally was nothing I could do, luckily it was only £20 or something but still knowing the system I new id loose it and came away feeling annoyed at ebays system, but I personally cannot come up with a system to fight this other than use couriers that are more respected and not likely to steal something and say they delivered it. I now check to see if a seller is using yodel etc, hermes is close at times.

Because of how the ‘not as described’ system works, and how its got me as a seller many times I still have to say if its tracked and delivered then thats how it is. Even after being on the receiving end as a seller I need to win sometimes.

When an item is tracked like yours, ebay shut the case and then they change their minds to not as described or missing, Ebay will not open another case. Multiple times ive said I feel this buyer is suspicious and is going to try something else, ebay have said well they cannot do anything now with a future case.

Of course then there is paypal the buyers next line, I have also had buyers proceed to change their story with paypal. In this case I have got straight on to paypal described how they are as a buyer, and what they have done on ebay and then proceeded to change their minds, paypal have always shut the case immediately in my favor. I like to think they do this because of the facts provided but I haven’t been asked to prove whats gone on, so I don’t know if they have believed me because I’m a large seller, or because maybe that buyer has had a history of doing similar. Either way I always call paypal not email, and speak to them straight away showing my concerns, they are normally very on it and as a bonus English.

Sorry its long but every time I have had an issue like this I have looked online for help and really not found anything so from experience I now like to help other honest sellers where I can


That’s exactly what this scum is doing. He went to PayPal, which is another animal I’m discovering. They said they might hold my funds till early May to have a final verdict…2 months. The buyer simply said he received an item not as described with no details. I called PayPal to refute and they said I should get my settlement by 4/6 if the buyer doesn’t respond with more details. Well, buyer didn’t respond BUT paypal is going to keep reviewing it, needing ANOTHER month.

The eBay user is jasongbuckets7_3. Beware guys.