Question about making a post

I made an imgur account and uploaded a picture but when I tried to add it to a thread here it didn’t work

this is the image http that I pasted into the “Insert Image” box but nothing happened.

I see it posted it as a link instead of just making the picture be here… hmm

@vaporeon, hello! so when you go on imgur you will want to hit posts and click on a post you made. After clicking the post, then go to the top right corner and there should be your profile name with a drop down menu. Click images on the drop down menu. Then click on one of your images and you will see links on the side of your image copy the BBCode one and then paste it here on your thread.
Hope this helps and works :blush:

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Go on imurg, upload the image and put get shared links and copy paste here the forum link, hope it works

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thank you!