I wanted to get a thread going on what people’s feelings are on PSA graded cards. While I use PSA for my high end cards, I have been back and fourth on if it is the best system. I have one of the best pokemon collector/sellers opinion Clive/Avmozz.

Thie is from a conversation about PSA back in 2009 (yes I still ahve it, its frickn Mozz).

Mozz on PSA:

There is a well explained opinion, I want to hear from anyone who has a graded card, thought about getting one or could care less. Just trying to hear other perspectives! :blush:



It would be a great day if Mozz ever joins UPCCC (and that was the least helpful perspective on PSA, I know)

hahaha I laughed out loud on that dog comment too :blush: but its ok I have the same sentiment about him joining the UPCCC, I miss mozz so much.


He is right on random PSA grading. I have 2 cards Graded as 10’s, but they both have clear visible whitening in the top right corners… and on the other hand absolute Mint cards that get 9’s?:thinking:

If they were more consistent with grading it would be cool, but either way id much prefer a graded card to non graded!


i like how their cases are but sending in money just to have it examined and seal it is somewhat not worth does look nice but not worth the investment sometimes unless its a really really rare card then i would consider it – I completely agree. I believe that a card is a card is a card – regardless of what vessel it is in, it will always be the exact same card. This type of psychological phenomenon is rather unfortunate; an item is sealed away for eternity and is now automatically associated with a higher value. I am perfectly satisfied obtaining a mint card regardless of where it may be – a plastic case, a soft sleeve, a top loader, even nothing at all…nothing at all…nothing at all stupid sexy Flanders!

I have never sent a Pokémon Trading Card to be graded by the PSA. I only buy them if they’re inexpensive or if it concerns a card of significant intrigue (e.g. trophy cards, ultra rare promotional cards, favourite cards, etc).


I’ve bought PSA graded cards and sent cards in to PSA to be graded. My focus is Japanese Pokemon promo cards from 1998 to 2002. Right now, my collection has around 90 PSA graded cards. Count me as a supporter of PSA graded cards.

I do agree PSA isn’t perfect, however my overall experience has been quite good. I started collecting in 1998 and have seen a huge increase in folks collecting PSA graded Pokemon cards. Regardless if a collector hates PSA cards, the reality is they’re becoming more popular. I do respect those collectors that don’t care for the graded cards but would hope they give the same respect to those that prefer them.

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I agree, I have had an overall similar experience. I still think it is the best for of protection, even mozz emphasized that. The grading system has also been pretty consistent in my experience as well. Also I think more people are getting into grading because you run into so man bs mint condition auctions :confused:


But it seems that we’re better than to fall for such BS. I got Scott to grade one card for me - think of it like insurance, I wanted to make sure it remains in decent condition.

I would only do it for ultra-rare cards though.

Yeah I am the same. I grade some base cards that I have doubles of just to sell, but other than that it is all prize/trophy cards for protection.

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Interesting OLD THREAD ALERT!!! lol

Makes for a good read imo.

Super bored obviously, but wanted to see what the perspective on this topic is now compared to 2011.

Times have changed and so have collecting habits. Just curious about your thoughts the differences between then and now.


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