PSA submission question

Does anyone here ever write what he/she thinks the grade the cards deserve in the comments section on the submission form?

No, why would you do that? The grader won’t see that information and your opinion is irrelevant to PSA.

then what do people write in the comment/request section?

Authenticate only, please return my card saver, have a great day, or nothing at all.

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Usually “thanks and have a great day!”.

If you’re @pokemonsyndicate it maybe something like “I have a particular set of skillingtons…” and then they just know they have to give all PSA 10s



there is someone here who says please give me 10, and other notes like. Please be gentle, and … PSA 10 PLEASE :blush:

and stuff like that on there subs.

one guy reviewed a raichu like 4 times and it got 10. and he wrote notes on them like - please be kind. lol.

I came across a video just now. A guy submitted some yugioh cards and said PSA screwed him and gave him bad grades. He sounded really mad. Oldschoolxpert I think. So I thought there a way to prevent that from happening. The cards in the video seemed flawless but got low grades

Cards inside a case always look better then they normally do, card on video look better then they normally do, cards through their owners eyes always look better then they normally do.


Yeah I know. But the reason why I ask is he ended up breaking the card out and resubmitting and it received a 10. I don’t know who is at fault here? Another video of a person I think five star Pokemon got a mew two graded a 7 and resubmitted and received a 9.

It’s ok to put your guess in the comment section. It won’t affect/change anything.

Some do that to see how close their pregrade guesses are.

Fortunately PSA isn’t BCCG so you can’t just comment in what grades you want to receive.

I usually use the comments section to remind of any qualifiers I am looking for in the order. OC/MC/ST etc. Other than that I have always left it blank.

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