PSA Submission as European

Thinking of making my first PSA submission both for grading and reholder and I’m trying to figure out how the return gets declared. Do they declare with the exact same information as the shipment gets sent to them? Do I just send everything with a low value? Usually customs here just automatically charges you based off the declared value and there’s really no way (that I know of) to complain that it’s a return or a repair.

How often do they hold specials for grading? I’m not in a hurry and would rather just grade whenever the price is the cheapest.

My experience from the Netherlands is that the return value is stated as the grading costs if you submit yourself. So you pay taxes on that, not the actual value of the cards.
You could also use a middle man service such as Dave and Adams in the Netherlands, in that case you don’t have to worry about shipping and taxes. But is does add another layer.
Don’t have enough experience to know about specials.

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Dave and Adams doesn’t offer reholder services though, and I have two broken slabs. :cry:
So PSA only declares their services on the form? Do I need to do anything special on my declaration when sending it to them?

Let me share a video from my boy haggis. Hes based in the uk. I’m basically following this procedure for the first time so ill let you know how it works from the EU


Thanks, I’ll check this out.
Also, does anyone know if it’s possible to rehold and submit in the same order?

Two different orders, you can submit in the same shipment to them. However when they ship back to you, they will come in two separate shipments.

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Got it, might rehold to see how it goes and then submit. Thanks.

Just to let everyone know since many people I talked with didn’t, secursus doesn’t cover PSA subs or any transaction which doesn’t have an invoice ( It wouldn’t cover a private sale trough PayPal FF either)


Is this standard practice or just this company? Because if it’s standard is there even a point in insuring your package?

You need to check the insurance guidelines for each company. For example, DHL also only insures cards for up to 500€, even if you pay for extra insurance (because cards are not covered). But the main point is: When you insure through the carrier (let’s say, UPS), you pay customs/tax on that insured value and not only the PSA grading costs.

I personally went in person to drop off and will pick up my last sub to in order to be able to have everything insured, because there was’t any other way to do it. ( It was a huge sub so going in person was even cheaper than insuring it even if it was possible )