PSA High Demand Pricing

PSA released a statement saying that ultra-modern cards (2017-present) fall within a new high demand pricing tier of $12-15/card (see below)

Do all ultra-modern cards need to be submitted together as one submission?

If I mix older cards with ultra-modern cards will all the ultra-modern cards get bumped up to $12-$15/card?
I’m curios how others are handling this.

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Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but my understanding is that the price increase is only for ultra-modern sports cards, given that’s the vast majority of the PSA backlog. Here’s a screenshot of the PSA Value submission price guide:

I think if you were to submit a whole submission of trading cards, regardless of the years, you would not have any issue with the higher prices. If you were to mix TCG and sports, that might be a different thing, but I think they are trying to stop that from happening anyways with some of the recent changes.

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@fourthstartcg, that would be great if it’s only for sports card. However, for the ultra-modern card types, it shows sports and non-sports. It looks like I could easily bypass this by submitting everything under the trading card game category, but I’m wondering if the ultra-modern card prices will get bumped up.

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I doubt it as it also notes that the TCG prices are for all years. Doesn’t help that for the longest time TCG cards were considered “non-sports” by PSA. Certainly not the easiest pricing guide to navigate, but worst comes to worst you could just submit under the TCG category and see if anything happens.

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“PSA” and “Frustrating” seem to be becoming more and more synonymous :face_with_spiral_eyes: