psa grading

I am new to the fourum but had a question about grading my pokemon cards. I have been collecting since the beginning and wanted to start getting some cards graded and I have not felt comfortable sending them out I am confused about the process and if anyone has any advice I would love to hear it so I can send some of them out and get started collecting graded cards.

Gemmintpokemon has a really good tutorial of the process if you wish to submit the cards yourself

Additionally there are services such as Ludkins Collectables or via smpratte here on the forum if you want to get a taste for grading without doing the entire submission process

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This video helped me out with my first submission to psa, and it is very informative.

I personally find it a lot of fun grading cards myself. I really enjoy the anticipation that comes from not being completely sure of what a card will grade until it comes back. I generally have an idea of where a card will grade before I send it off, but you can never be sure until it comes back. I also happen to really like the look of a graded card.

Long story short: I have really enjoyed sending off my own submissions, and I definitely think it is an experience worth having!

Dont forget these as well… they will fit perfectly around the PSA graded slab. It helps avoid scratching and keeps them beautiful :blush:. I use them and may be a perfectionist but I see plastic sleeves that are a lot bigger then the psa slab and just looks like an overgrown trash bag and unappealing (but thats just me lol).