PSA 8 Rocket Suicune ex or Non PSA Rocket Suciune ex

Hey, I was wondering which one is worth more and which one is more desirable?


Depends what condition the ungraded one is.
If its a 8 or less quality then I’d prefer the graded 8. If its a 9 or better quality then I’d prefer that one.

Buying ungraded card always carries a risk. If you believe the condition of the ungraded card could get at least a mint 9, go for it. Graded cards tend to carry higher premiums (i.e. more expensive).

LOL it’s currently graded as a PSA 8… I was wondering which one is faster to sell… a graded one or ungraded one. (if an ungraded one is faster to sell, i’ll remove it from the PSA case)

For resale purposes, the non-graded one carries more value down to probably a PSA 7 quality, just because the market for the ungraded ones is several times the size of the PSA graded market, and even greater in comparison to those who buy PSA 8’s for cards so easily obtainable. I say down an extra graded step as well just because the market leaves more wiggle room for condition.

Take care when you crack open that PSA case. :blush:

Can I have the value of both?

Ungraded 15.00/PSA 8 $25

And if you list it don’t misspell it like in the title here;)