Production Numbers

I was wondering if anyone knew the actual numbers on the amount of Booster boxes produced? In relation to the recent discussion on Gold stars, I was trying to quantify how many copies of certain cards released in sets actually exist.

For Smprattes question I think talking to Rusty would be a good idea. He used to have a production
manager as a source. I remember him saying she was sick or sufferrign from an illness so she
may not be available to talk. If she is she may be able to tell or give you information on the specific
production of pokemon. Another route would be ask her if she can give you someone to talk to or another
source for information.

She was a WOTC employee so I know that doesnt apply to the ex series. I dont knw how forth coming TCPi
would be with production information.

This interests me also!
“As of the end of June 2000…The total number of Pokemon card games sold in Japan was 1.85 billion and 2.4 billion card games sold worldwide”

Also looked at WOTC annual reports for 1999 total sales for Pokemon CCG was approx. $670M. You can do some Sherlock Holmes-ing to maybe determine booster box numbers by attributing elements of that $670M figure to wholesale prices of each booster box. But that would be pretty…Farfetch’d


thats some nice work there Sherlock :stuck_out_tongue:

According to Pokebeach, 21.5 billion Pokemon cards have been printed since 1996. Math being done gives us a general indicator of…

2.15 billion packs (@10 cards/pack)
59,722,222 standard English booster boxes

If all expansions print the same number…

918,803 boxes per expansion

Of course they aren’t exact, but better than nothing.

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I imagine the production numbers are closer to the ends of set spectrum. Base set unlimited has an incredible amount of
boxes produced with Jungle, Fossil and Team Rocket having high numbers. After that I dont know how popular it still was.
From E-series to Ex series the production numbers were incredibly low. I know that during the BW era production numbers
have increased. Now here we are with XY series which seems to be seeing the pokemon tcg growing larger again.

If this also includes promo cards, Expert mode activated!

Someone figure out how many trees that is.


I wish I had exact numbers aswell. Knowing how many FA Charizards that are out there would be a nice accomplishment… To try and figure out how long it will take me to get a PSA-10. Also, knowing how many SR Ultra Ball’s there are from Plasma Freeze as they seem to be non-existent. (One in 3 Cases/1 in 18 Booster Boxes)… :confused:

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A lot.

I wonder how many english bw7 Blastoise gold UR there are, considering you pulled like 4 Charizards but only 1 blastoise in the many 100’s of packs. Hopefully you get a PSA 10 out of all those Cheerizzerd full art you got recently.

I’ve actually pulled 7 Shiny Charizards and only 1 Shiny Blastoise…

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How do you pull all that from an error box? If there were 36 I’d be more likely to believe. When was this?

There was a ex sandstorm holo box. It contained nothing but holo cards. It went for auction 6 months back.

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I believe it, because I bought a sealed box that had 0 rares.

I’m glad you saved that photo!

I remember when I first saw this posted on PokeGym. I daydreamed many an hour over this. Haha

HUH! many of the things…