Price Check PSA 9 Unikarp and Kamex Computer Error

Hi all,

Could anyone tell me what would be a fair price for a:
PSA 9 Kamex Computer Error and,
PSA 9 Tamamushi University Magikarp

I’m looking at buying from a seller who has asked me to make an offer.


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I paid 3000 for my psa 8 Kamex if that helps.

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You’re probably looking at
~$7000 for Computer Error
~$10000 for unikarp
Very difficult to place a “market value” on these. It’s going to be more up to the seller and what they are willing to take for the cards.


Yeh that does, thanks!

Yeh, that’s what I’m finding out haha. I guess it depends on what I’m willing to pay as well.

I can only speak for the Unikarp. I’d expect to pay in the 12k range for that PSA 9. They’re so far and few between that it’s ultimately whatever price ya’ll agree on. There’s around 60 total graded and 5-10 of those are regrades from what I hear.

A PSA 10 recently sold for around 20k privately…They’re taking off just as the Trophy Kang has taken off the last few years. Unikarp is right behind it.

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From what I hear, they’re PSA 5 regrades. This isn’t my info but from a trusted source. That’s not to say some of the 9s are regrades too, ya know?

@piezers sorry I deleted my previous post and was writing it again ha. Fr anyone else confused I was asking what grade in the psa population would the regrades be affecting

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Do you know if any of the regrades have been for a 9 or have been recent?

I don’t. Perhaps Scott knows!

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As discussed in another thread

"Feb 2, 2020 19:50:42 GMT smpratte said:
I figured once this list was made, the estimates about release numbers and pop report figures would follow. In short, don’t marry yourself to numbers, especially the pop report. For example, the University Magikarp has around 10 re-grades. I’m sure that is true for multiple prize cards. Hell even the rarest/first trophies (1997 Pikas) have incorrect entries.

Treat this for what it is, a resource. We will never know 100% how accurate the pop report is, and thats ok!"

No-one knows for certain how many exist so I’d just look at the 63 UniKarp graded on PSA and think, damn it’s still an extremely rare card. Whether or not it has a few regrades, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter and will not affect the price.


There’s a PSA 9 up on ebay right now.

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