Price Check On Topps First Appearance Elekid PSA 8

Hi All,

Looking to see what a PSA 8 Elekid Topps Pokemon the Movie 2000 First Appearance Foil would cost? Was hoping to find a Lugia but oh well haha Thanks for any help!

the best way to find prices is to look up the sold listings on eBay. Even if you can’t find an 8 look for a similar grade and that should at least give you an idea of how much they go for

Ungraded ones seem to go for about $40 USD, so maybe an 8 would go for the same or slightly higher?

This is a pretty niche card, so finding a graded one in 8 may prove rather difficult unless you get it done yourself.

There aren’t any. There are only 2 PSA 8 at the moment with a pop 3 total graded.

In that case I think this is one of those cases where picking up a nice minty copy of the card and sending it off for grading will end up being the cheapest and fastest way of obtaining a graded (not necessarily PSA 8) copy.

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He’s asking because there is one for sale on FaceBook and no one knows what to value it at lol

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Thanks for everyone’s input! I think I know what to do now!