Price check of Team Rocket Anniversary Case?

I’m struggling to price check this since most sales I’ve seen on Ebay have been a “best offer accepted” situation. I’ve seen a few broken up items (only case, coin, etc) but not the full product. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I’m was unfamiliar with this site. Thank you

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One item I wish I jumped on :grimacing::weary:

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Definitely one of my only regrets in this hobby. Last year, the PSA 10 Scheme was going for around $1000. Someone was selling one, signed and authenticated, for $1600. I scoffed.

I was stupid.


Cards are nice but the case they come in is even nicer

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I saw one on Virbank (Facebook) for €8300. I think it was a complete set with case and all.

My all time grail card :sob: I take it prices are only going to climb from here, even with the dying hype…?

Now isn’t a bad buy time. I remember selling the Psa 10 Giovanni for 10k, and that sparked a ton of people to sell, which is a very common trend. I had these cards on consignment for a couple months straight afterwards. That increased supply brought the price down a bit. Big question is how long will it remain.


Your sentence leads me to believe you have a bearish sentiment on these. If not, feel free to correct me. I am biased because I own this set, but I don’t see these retracing anymore than the normal entire market retrace. As far as growth, it has everything going for it. Rarity/anniversary/unique art/promo/etc.


Any idea where these even sell? I hear the going rate on a PSA 10 nowadays is in the 5K range, but Yahoo Japan and eBay have list prices significantly higher


None listed atm – I guess I’ll keep an eye out!


There are 2 of each live atm, with 2 days left

I love these promos to death. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t they fairly easy to grade? I’m not doubting their fundamentals, I’m just wondering if this could have an affect on their market price.

I’m not familiar with PWCC’s UI (and I’m dumb LOL) … would you mind linking me :blush:

Me too! I was urming and ahhing over £300. I was brand new again to the hobby when this came out.

Here you go

I’m going to tinker around and explore the website – thanks for the link and humoring my lack of direction :grin:

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