Price Check: Erika 25 Corp. History Deck

A handful of these have appeared and this one caught my eye. I’m watching HA to see how cards from the same deck end to get a better idea of the price range.

Hard to gauge a price as I’m sure a lot of the sales are private, but curious what you guys would put on it?

The Creatures Deck sold between 2mil to 7 mil Yen in Japan. The two unique cards inside are Beta Chansey and History Gate, and should form substantial portion of the value. The rest is really willing buyer willing seller. Depend on how desperate/patient you are.


This is Pokemon, I’m always desperate.

Thanks for the price points @hermit , I had no idea. This helps

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A friend of mine in Japan recently auctioned a PSA 9 Marnie (went for ¥1.235M / $9700) and PSA 10 Fighting Energy (went for ¥201k / $1600). I think he’d consider selling PSA 10 Erika. My hunch is it would be a bit less than Marnie. Maybe ¥900k / $7100 USD. But I’m not sure.