Pop 5

Years ago I saw a post on ebay about 2 cards I haven’t seen since. They were the pop 5 zangoose and peliper holo with the upside down poke ball on the back. Has anyone else ever seen or heard of these. Thanks

Yes, these do exist. I know a friend that has them.

There’s also a Mew, I found a completed auction for one:

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I actually have the mew pop 5 error. There is a pop Pikachu riding wailmur and an x&y shinx promo with upside-down poke balls. Thanks for sharing about ur friend having the zangoose & peliper. Let him/her know if they are interested in letting them go I’d be interested

You’re welcome, als the BREAKs from XY BreakThrough exist with upside down Poké-Ball :wink:

I have those as well. Really cool cards. The zangoose & peliper I need to complete my set.

Does anyone have the zangoose & peliper with the upside down poke ball error they are willing to part with

I’m still interested in finding these 2 cards

Thought I’d try one more go around

does the mew come non holo too? because I have non holo one

Which Mew do you mean? There’s no Mew in BreakThrough.

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