PokemonCenter.com Promotions/Sales

Hello all,

I have just recently noticed the nice selection of product that PokemonCenter.com offers; particularly with regard to non TCG products. Since I don’t typically visit the website, I am unaware if they frequently have promotions and deals on non-TCG product. For instance, there is currently a promotion for free shipping on $50+ orders. Frankly, this seems like hardly a deal considering the time of year and industry norms. Do they ever offer deeper discounts/promotions?

Thanks very much for your time and have a nice weekend.


Since their sales are up for Christmas you should hardly expect big discounts.

Business is business, free shipping is a discount in itself. What kind of deal are you hoping for?

The Pokemon Center is always priced where it is and doesn’t go lower. Everything is either exclusive OR something they wouldn’t want to compete with retailers on. If you see something you want, I’d recommend buying it. They won’t be pulling any GameStop shenanigans any time soon.

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Its fairly common for online retailers to offer free shipping above a threshold year-round. But free shipping isn’t the most enticing discount on objects that weigh a few ounces(I’m speaking of pins).

Is free shipping the only discount they typically offer?

Thank you very much.