Pokemon XY evolutions booster box legit? Edges of packs sus.

Hi guys just got this in and my research indicated that everything seemed legit from the box art to the shrink wrap however in hand I can see some noticeable open edges on the tops of these packs. When I feel the top edges through the shrink wrap it feels stiff on the tops of the packs. I haven’t opened a modern pack in years so have no idea if this is normal but i’ll leave some pictures and maybe some of you can weigh in on the matter.

I have evolving skies boxes that I can open and compare pack edges too but I would rather not if not necessary. Hopefully the pictures show the issue well. Haven’t spoken to the seller yet.

Box and shrink wrap pics


That’s pretty normal. The seal on the box still looks good. I get that if this is some kind of investment, then you’d probably want to return it. Otherwise, I think it’s fine

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Thanks for the comment I agree everything looks good other than what i’ve mentioned, without something to compare it to I feel a bit in the dark about this. Even comparing it to a different set like evolving skies wouldn’t be conclusive. The pack edges being open slightly wasn’t something I expected from the Pokémon company, it’s very hard to determine anything without opening the box.

Anyone else with experience opening these or with general booster box knowledge please feel free to drop your input. It is an investment I don’t see myself opening these packs but do want to make sure it’s legit as I’m in the return window right now.

Having small loops on the top edges of the packs is perfectly normal. As for the glue, I’ve opened plenty of modern packs where it feels like double glue was added to the seal, making them feel fairly stiff. I just opened a Darkness Ablaze pack in my Celebrations ETB just now that felt like it was superglued shut. The quality of modern can be a bit inconsistent with both cards and packaging.

Perfectly normal you say well that’s 2/2 with people thinking it’s legit. I would add the pictures do slightly exaggerate the size of the “loops” and that the raichu side seems to have slightly bigger loops than the venusaur side but this is probably normal. Thank you for the info about the glue and stiffness as that was also a bit alarming. Appreciate your response.

I will need to carefully decide what I’m going to do. Still in two minds about it so everyone reading feel free to chip in.

Box is fine


Thank you all for your comments and input. So I had my friend who has opened these before have a look and to my surprise he had opened pack art and even the box at hand.

Was able to confirm with my own eyes what some of you said about looping being 100% normal. A lot of his packs had this.

Thanks I love this forum :blush:

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