💤 Pokemon Sleep 💤 - Thoughts?

I see this game/application has launched officially now. I tried the beta test out a little while ago and thought it was interesting/fun. Surely there will be some cards for this at some point like Pokemon Go if it gets popular enough. I think it may tied into Pokemon Go as well in some way.

What do you think?

Get the Most Fun for your Personal Data


The fact that you need to keep your phone physically on your bed means I won’t be doing it. Let alone the fact I don’t really want it keeping a recording of all my farts through the night…


“With features to record your sleep talking”

Good thing I will never be using this, I’d probably crash the server.

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You can get shiny Pokémon while you sleep but I want to be able to transfer them to go. Otherwise I don’t see the point

I understand the good intentions behind this game, it could be really important for your health to know if you’re snoring/having sleep apnea/sleep-talking.
Unfortunately I can’t see this app becoming popular or being seriously used for its intended purpose, and I think people with health concerns will opt for a more serious choice.

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I had downloaded it and was curious about using it but when it was mentioned that I need to keep my microphone on and the phone close, I opted out. I mean it’s not surprising that they want the phone so close since there is no other way of tracking sleep.


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Came here to talk about this. I’m shiny hunting in it😄


It’s fun to wake up and find out what Pokémon have appeared during the night. But… the fact that the phone has to stay on all night is a bummer. It gets really warm and I don’t like sleeping close to my phone. :radioactive:


Definitely too “creepy” for me.

not interested at all about giving them my sleep data

Pokemon GO: knows where you live, where you work, how you get there, where you shop for how long, how active you are, when you sleep, when you wake up, when you travel, where your family lives. Harvests data about your town/city layout and uses your camera to collect images and video

Pokemon Sleep: knows you ripped a massive fart last night


Me and my partner have been playing since the release date, and have found it really fun!
I like that it doesn’t take too much time commitment to play it properly.
Having the phone on all night was a concern (it got really hot) but a few days ago we bought the Pokemon Go Plus device that replaces that requirement so it’s a lot better now.
I caught a Shiny Spheal yesterday… does anyone know if there are any methods to increase shiny rates? Or even what the rates are to begin with?


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Just found a shiny Igglybuff this morning :sparkles::zzz:

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Not bad. But I think the app recording my a/c noises.
I don’t believe I move a lot on my bed.
Wish pokemon did a running app.

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Looks like the Clefairy line is coming in the Good Sleep Event this Thursday.

Just had to share this AMAZING Pokémon Sleep artwork by sowsow. I need a poster or something :purple_heart: