Pokémon rumoured to be replacing The Simpsons at Universal Orlando

My girlfriend is Orlando-obsessed and keeps tabs on Universal and Disney goings-on. She spotted this video on her feed and although largely based on “educated rumour”, considering the other upcoming Nintendo-based additions in Epic Universe, the logic for it happening does follow! She mentions that Universal Japan will be the first to implement Pokémon theming:


I heard similar things. Pokemon and Nintendo overall are definitely more popular than the Simpsons. Dunno how theyd change the park to fit the Pokemon theme, but im sure they can figure something cool out.

I cant wait to visit the new park once it opens in 2025 (ish). Exciting

Found another interesting article that may be relevant


Give it a few years… Pokemon will take over the world! :earth_americas:


Sure hope so! I was just at Universal Orlando a couple weeks ago, and yet again I skipped over the Simpsons ride. Super lame and needs a major update, or tear down and rebuild into something better.

Didn’t expect to see a Theme Park Stop video here! They have a pretty spotless track record when it comes to Universal Studios rumors. In this case I hope that the plans for Pokemon change. An interactive screen ride would be a huge letdown in my opinion, since we already have onscreen Pokemon at home. And the event facilities around the Simpsons area would seriously limit the amount of space that they have to work with.

A Universal Studios Pokemon Center store would be absolutely insane, just imagine the promos…

Its not a ride but Pokemon and Mario take part in the NO LIMIT! Parade at USJ with floats of there own.

It even has/had its own merch with plushes, headbands, and even food.

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