Pokemon Player with Cancer

There is a Pokemon player in Evansville, IN (Very close to where US Nationals is held each year). He has aggressive cancer and is on his fourth fight with it. They’ve said he has extremely slim chances of making it through this one and his estimated time to live is much shorter than the process of applying for wishes takes. The kid just wants to go to Lego Land before he dies. So the Pokemon Community has stepped up and said we’re going to make sure he gets that.

You may have seen this circulating on a few other communities, but it’s verified legitimate and I want UPCCC to be involved. I’ve taken the plunge and made the first donation myself on our behalf.



I will be donating tomorrow.

Poor kid is so young and one day he could of found us and thank us sadly that day will not come.

Oh well I will be happy to be part of his Lego Land day

Thank you for sharing this


Just sent in a donation. Wishing the best for him and his loved ones.

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Dam it no paypawl!! :confused:

This is sad, I wants to do the donates.

Inbox me and I’ll help you.

There, I sent in a donation. I saw this earlier today and it almost slipped my mind. Thanks Charlie for the inadvertent reminder.


Just a small update (I think more detail is coming on the donation page):

They told Devon tonight that the money was being raised and that he was going to get to go to Lego Land.
The news raised his spirits so much that some of the depression subsided and he saw in increase an vitals and health across the board.

This initiative has literally given him more life.


This really puts things into perspective. I really hope this goal is achieved.


Donated, Keep us updated. Thanks Charlie.

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This is fantastic. Props to everyone who has donated so far. Will be doing so when I’m paid next.

Let’s get this fellow nerd to Legoland boys.

when i try donate i get this message

Campaign Not Ready
There’s an issue with this Campaign Organizer’s account. Our team has contacted them with the solution! Please ask them to sign in to GoFundMe and check their account.

Messaging you about a solution! :blush:

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I’ll stick in a bit in Friday when I get paid, this is so sad and im glad that it has seen alot of attention and hopefully will give this poor little guy something to smile about. Props to charlie for bringing this to the attention of the community, it is a worthy cause.


Aw its over half way ! Great to see many communities get together for this. I hope he fulfills his wish x

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Always good to bump it on Pay Day, too! :grin:

IT is at 3,300 only 700 from the GOAL :grin:

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This type of thing always reminds me to be more grateful for the things i take for granted every day.

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Great job guys he is passed his mark now :grin:

Glad he can go on the trip


IKR! I have been advertising too. We are so close now! Thank you Charlie for sharing this, it would be great to see more in the future.

Just as a heads up, if anyone out there still wants to donate, they’ve said the additional money will either cover unexpected LegoLand costs or, if not needed for that, will continue to work toward the $25,000 in additional medical bills his family has incurred during his sickness. So feel free to give even if it feels late.