Pokémon IG sales pages

I only follow about 10-15 Pokémon sale pages on Instagram but I noticed a few of them are inactive latley. I was going through my messages recently and notice two pages that were very active in the community and were posting high end stuff for sale or trade daily up until recent have now disappeared. When I click on the dm it says “user not found”.
Has anyone else noticed this aswell? I Wonder what happened.

Consignments. The market is heavily auction driven atm. Plus ig is inferior in every category: exposure, convenience, price.

Just what I see on my end being a sperm of the sperm whale consigner, I’ve had multiple people try their luck selling through ig, with little to not bites, then they consign with me. They typically end up making more after consigning.

With a heavily auction driven market, it’s much easier and better for both buyer and seller to process. I’d rather just set a bid on an actual marketplace than waste time responding to ig messages. I made that mistake recently with eevee heroes boxes. Had some guy agree to a deal on ig, kept telling me they were going to pay, then they backed out, and tried to renegotiate the price. During that time, I sold out at a higher price on eBay.


I understand that there are more frequented platforms to increase sales and views of every item but it seems odd to me that pages with such high followings just shut down accounts completely. Just like yourself posting eBay links on IG; it would benefit them to at least continue to use their IG profiles to promote their sale posts or auctions they are holding on different platforms.

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I agree, but Instagram in general has been losing traction since tiktok. I’d imagine these accounts aren’t getting the same traffic + customers getting better results on other platforms. Also you never know what’s going on in their real lives. But it’s most likely just a decrease in traffic & business.

With that said, I think unique or rare items circulate well, but that is more about the item imo.

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