Pokemon Fossil Booster Box Address Anomaly

Hello everyone, I’ve searched online and all the listings via eBay both open and completed but could not find an answer so I hope you may be able to help.

About two years ago I purchased this booster box and today when I was examining it noticed that it had two differences from all the other booster boxes posted online:

  1. The address below only seems to mention USA address. It does not have any other countries.
  2. I’ve also noticed that the Wizards seal is quite obviously prominent in the bottom of the box (same side as the address). I’ve noticed that all other boxes (including others like Jungle, Base etc) don’t seem to have the Wizards print on the back.

Happy if someone could share more. I purchased this from a shop along with another Team Rocket booster box that’s fine, so I hope it’s legit.


It’s legit

This is the same address style as the Base Set 1999-2000 Made in USA booster box. Looking at eBay listings there are none of the same type which means this is very rare. Given how rare this fossil box is, I have always speculated that this type of box contains 1999-2000 fossil non-holo cards, but I have never seen a box opening video to confirm this theory. The only way to know is to open it!