Pokémon Center London

It’s happening, Trainers!

:shopping_cart:Pokémon Center London
:round_pushpin: Westfield London, Shepherd’s Bush

Popping up for a limited time only this October. Further details will be revealed in the coming months!


Time to plan a day trip to London it seems!


Fantastic, I can’t wait!

A pop up store only for October. That’s like what they do for Halloween here.

Perhaps it’s because the Brexit deadline is on October 31st… :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg, finally a Pokemon Center in Europe! I wish we would get an actual store in the future too and not just a pop-up. Though it would still mean I would need to travel for it, getting a Pokemon Center to Finland doesn’t seem very likely lol


Can’t wait for this! Imagine it’ll be a busy opening, still, I’ll be there 5 am if needs be :grin:

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Efour Europe meetup!


I wonder if the pop up is in October to hype up Sword and Shield’s England based Galar Region? Either way if there are some sweet promo cards here it sounds like something I need in my life.

It is and they did the same thing in Paris which was the inspiration for the Kalos region.

Paris ended up having a lot of disappointed customers since they lacked inventory and didn’t have a great selection to begin with.


Nintendo doesn’t care for Europe.

Be ready to get into a store with nothing available, clothing items only in sizes you cannot wear and lines to get in.

Can’t wait for this. UK is getting some love at last!

Good job for us English people, we like nothing more than a proper queue.

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This. At least if the center disappoints we still get to enjoy meeting fellow members.


Looking forward to seeing some of you guys there!