Poké Lids - The manhole covers scattered around Japan

These lids are always fun.

I’m just adding another article/interview for those interested.


First day here and I already found a great thread!

Unfortunately, the site I would normally buy these from deactivated the product’s page recently. I don’t think we’ll be getting anything new, or any restocks, anytime soon.

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Not as good as official products, but you can download the coloring book PDFs from the Poke Lids site. Good workaround for those lids that will probably never get any products. Okinawa also has a Corsola one :smiling_face_with_tear:


With all the Poké Lid designs available on the website as relatively high quality graphics it is also relatively easy to turn them into 3D models which can then e.g. be printed via a resin 3D printer and then painted afterwards - which is probably the next best thing after owning an official model.
That’s how I made my unoffical Wailord Poké Lid replicas you can see in the picture here (with the larger Wailord pokelid not being printed but machined from Aluminium):

Or this Umbreon STL I made for a friend:

Now I’m really not deep in the 3D printing community; in fact I don’t own a printer myself but if you look online you can actually find 3D models for a couple of designs on big model hosting websites.

Edit: By the way, if anyone wants the .STL, .DXF or .STEP files I have no problem sharing; I’d attach them to the post but the fourum doesnt allow those file types


These are so cool!! Great thread!

I know some people that play PokemonGO that try to collect the lids because they are usually a Pokestop in game and have a picture of it. I think I’ve randomly got a few gifts from Pokestops that are the lids. Cool to see!

Edit: Found a couple of the ones I have saved in PokemonGO


These are so cool, wish we had fun stuff like this in the US.


Today five more Poké Lids were installed in the Gifu prefecture:

with the individual manhole covers situated in the cities of Kakamigahara, Gero, Seki, Sekigahara and Takayama respectively.

As with previous Poké Lids the pokemon are not chosen randomly, the Barboach and Whiscash Poké Lid for example is positioned near one of the world’s largest dedicated freshwater aquariums and the Kingambut and Pawniard Lid is located in the city of Sekihagara, which is the location of one the most important battles of Japan’s Warring States period.

The exact locations can be found on the Poké Lid website.

edit: corrected link and added map screenshot