Pikachu Japan Soccer Jersey!

I was already thinking about buying a Japan National Soccer Team jersey. Now that there is a Pikachu version, I’m sold!

EDIT: I’ve confirmed that this jersey is ONLY available in kids’ sizes. Ah, well.


Hi Glenn. Any chance of buying one through you? Thanks.

I wonder when the Mariners will do the same thing :grin:

I need dis!

Do you know how much they cost?


Not to be stereotyping or prejudiced, but do Japanese jersey companies make these in sizes for big people?

If there shoe sizes are anything to go by then no -.- been 3 days and can’t find any size 13US shoes

Dang. That sucks.
I assume that means you didn’t find a bunch of 14US either? Haha

Japanese sizes run very small. I’m a US medium. Sometimes I’m lucky if I can squeeze into a Japanese large.

The press releases I’ve seen say the adult jerseys are going for about $100. However, so far I’ve only been able to find the kid’s shirts — it may be that the adult model was canceled due to lack of preorders.

I’ll post here when I learn more…

I found an article on them. It looks like the retail price is 7,400 yen for the adult and 4,212 yen for the children.

So a japanese adidas large is different than a US large?

I’m going to go ahead and say that my chances of finding the equivalent of a US XXL-Tall is absolutely none then. Hahaha

Yeah, Adidas makes sportswear specifically for the Japanese market, and the sizes always run smaller than those sold in the States.

That article provides links to a couple of Japanese websites, but I’m still not finding adult sizes. Only replica T-shirt jerseys for kids.

Pikachu looks downright BADASS in this illustration!

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I placed a few phone calls and have confirmed that the jersey is only available in kids’ sizes. The 4,212 yen version is a T-shirt, while the 7,400 yen model is a jersey.

Sounds like there’s a market for larger sizes that isn’t being taken advantage of in the slightest.
Glenn, AKA Mr. Business, steps in to save the day and free the townspeople of their jersey woes.


Wow too bad! What a cool shirt! Heck I’d wear that puppy to the gym! :grin:

Thats a shame, I would loved to get my hands on this aha.

ye is a real shame I would of wanted one too, haha

Is it still available for sale? It would be great for my son since he loves both soccer and Pokémon. I’m glad I came across this as I was looking online for some workout leggings. If I can’t find a way to buy the jersey, I guess I’ll have it custom printed.

This thread is like 4 years old, from last World Cup lol :grin: