PDF-scans of the Silver Bible?

Does someone here have PDF-scans of the Silver Bible that they can share with those of us who hasn’t come across/bought this amazing item yet?

Charlie from Ludkins explains the importance of this catalogue perfectly, and I’d love to take a look at it myself; even if I can’t get my hands on it!


Has it ever been scanned in complete for a digital file?

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I only have high quality pics. I’d highly advice you try purchasing one. Although I do remember seeing a thread or a post on here where scans were posted. I think it was by @smpratte


I see that there’s actually a lot of copies on Ebay, so i’ll consider it! I’d love a digital version though!

Has there been any experience of fakes being sold? Or is every copy on Ebay legit?

You’re basically asking to obtain it for free and it might not work. Snag one up it’s totally worth it!


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I thought about scanning mine but it’s a hell of a lot of pages to manually scan! I would pick one up off eBay

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Thanks guys! I’ll pick one up from Ebay. :blush:

Had to ask in case there actually were someone who had scanned the book.

I was thinking about getting it myself eventually, as it is an awesome collector’s item!

I can’t imagine someone taking the time or effort to fake this book. It’s relatively niche considering mostly just serious collectors are seeking it out. I would imagine you would pretty safe to get a legit copy if you purchase.

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Thanks! Had to ask😉

I own it and if you’d like to see a specific page(s) I’d be happy to send you pics of them.

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There are some high end scanners that are designed to scan books but I’d be surprised if anyone here has one.

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What we really need is a translated version, any bilinguals wanna publish a book? :laughing:


Appreciate it! I’ll send you a message if it becomes necessary😊

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Preach🙏🏻 A translated book would’ve been amazing

It would be a ridiculous undertaking, but also really cool.