PCG Booster Boxes

Does anyone own or has recently come across Japanese boxes such as Offence and Defense of the Furthest Ends booster boxes, Clash of the Blue Sky Deoxys, Holon Research Tower, Golden Sky Silvery Ocean etc? I’ve only recently seen a Mirage Forest appear and aside from that can only find the occasional pack

It’s extremely unlikely you’ll see Offense and Defense or Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean booster boxes for sale ever again. They are so rare even in Japan.

Clash of the Blue Sky is ( or at least has been ) surprisingly common on ebay, just keep your eyes open. Mirage Forest is listed once in a while but they sell really quickly, amazing box artwork imo.

Holon Research Tower is also tough one, there was 1st ed. box on ebay during late 2015 and it has been sitting in my collection since then. :relieved:


There is a guy on yahoo japan who is constantly selling PCG packs. As nauticads said the boxes are extremely hard to come by, but they do pop up now and then. Last year I remember the following sealed boxes popping up for sale/auction. The same guy selling the mirage forest boxes had an opened box of flight of legends, but not sure if he sold it.

  • Rocket Gang Strikes Back
  • Mirage Forest
  • Holon Phantoms
  • Miracle Crystal
  • Holon Research Tower
  • Clash of the Blue Sky

I was lucky to pick up 3 last year. Still hunting for the rest.


How many packs per box, and cards per pack in these boxes? Do they all have holos (and a rare)

Also has anyone seen the black/silver deck kit gift thing with a few boosters for sale ?

Did you pick up your boxes from ebay or elsewhere?


11 cards per pack and 20 packs per booster box. To my knowledge most of the ADV/PCG booster packs contain rare non holo and a holo card.


If you’re talking about the Team Rocket Special Boxes, which comes with the corresponding deck kit, rocket gang packs, and the Raikou Ex Promo, one Silver Team Rocket Special Box (Gyarados Art) sold on auction last year on yahoo japan. I believe it ended around 75 USD.


  • Mirage Forest (Ebay)
  • Rocket Gang Strikes Back (YJ)
  • Clash of the Blue Sky (Another Collector)

Yeah the team rocket special box, the price seems fairly reasonable, considering you could probably go years without finding another

I’ll have to take some words back what I said in first message, this thing was listed for sale out of nowhere couple hours ago.


Now we’ll just wait for Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean and other good stuff to appear. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I saw that posted in another thread somewhere. I messaged the seller immediately but they currently don’t have any other PCG boxes so we’ll just have to wait and see if any pop up in the near future. I would have instantly bought it for that price :pensive:

Huge collector of the gold stars and am curious how Japanese boxes differ from English. Looks at though the 1st Ed. Stamp is on the side rather than front face. Interesting.

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