PC Crystal Ho-oh PSA 9

Just Graded both the holo and reverse in PSA 9. Lots of data on the reverse, which seems to be around $75. Can’t seem to find reliable price data on the holo though. Two for sale on Ebay right now for $800-1000, but nothing has sold that high. Thanks!

I’d just like to further comment on how insane the price disparity is for the Holo v Reverse Holo prices for these cards. A difference is to be expected, but the void between them is astounding.

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I find the reverse massively unappealing :confused: Like tbh I’d like the card better if it had no holo whatsoever as compared to the reverse holo atrocity that is the Expedition → Magma/Aqua Phase.

The regular holos on the other hand are gorgeous. Especially Ho-Oh.

I feel the reverse are 5-10x more available in the market than the holos right now, hence their price.

I also agree the holos are amazingly beautiful with the way the holo wraps around the lower part of the card.

Good points guys, but I agree with Milhouse. It blows my mind. I think a PSA 8 reverse celebi sold for something silly like $40.

OP, there’s 0 recent sales data but seeing how high the 10s go I wouldn’t expect any less than $600 or so on your holo copy.

I suppose we can try and estimate it based on the price disparity between a PSA 9 and 10 Crystal Charizard. A PSA 9 Charizard is 45-50% less than the PSA 10. If we use this figure, that would put a PSA 9 at about $800-900 if you valuate a PSA 10 Ho-oh at $1700. This makes some sense given the two PSA 9 for sale at $800 and $1000.

Comparing any card to Charizard would be a bad idea. Even if I follow your math, the 9s bring about 33% of the 10s($1500/$4500). That would put Ho-Oh right around $600.

I think $800 is a fair price, but it hasn’t sold for that much yet. So anywhere between $600 to $800 would be my guess.

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the availability of a 10 is pretty low for Ho-oh, so a 9 might command a higher ratio compared to the 10 versus other cards. But the artwork is not universally loved, so I would take what others said with a grain of salt. :stuck_out_tongue: however, you should be content with the assessment overall from the previous members.

E-series reverse holos are my jam.