PayPal tip you must know!

Example :

Let’s say that Paypal fee is 10% for better calc

Seller ad : Selling Charizard PSA 10 for 100$, payment : Paypal. Fee not included.

Buyer : Hello, I am interested on your card I pay through Paypal, so 100$+10% right? 10% of 100$=10$.

Seller: Yes.

Buyer sent to the seller 110$, and the seller realize that he have received just 99$ and not 100$ because Paypal upcharge 10% of 110$(11$) and not 100$, the seller paid 10% of the 10% fee that the buyer have paid.

This is something happened to me as a buyer today.

The seller must be careful about it.

How we manage to resolve this? I paid 100$ (goods and services) and then 10$ (family and friends)

This happens when the seller want the buyer to pay the fee.

Has this ever happened to you?

Yall dont want me to start unleashing my paypal hacks.

Divide the amount by 90% instead of multiplying by 110%. That’ll get you the right number.


jus be aware, wont get the fee back if there is a dispute, prob not a big deal unless its a large tx

This is an incorrect strategy for multiple reasons:
1.) Paying friends and family for international orders has an extra fee on top of it, it’s not for buyer protection, but for the conversion fee. It ranges from $1 to $5 for me, depending on the amount sent.
2.) You have no protection on the friends and family portion. If the seller never sends the cards, you get your $100 back, but not the $10.