Paid $400 for Test Print cards from Jungle


ur talking to him lol

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:eyes: :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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Some sus bidding at the top, curious to see if it’ll be paid


Mmmm good eye 🕵🏻‍♂️

I just opened the package :star_struck:

Btw, Both have a pink line on the back. It’s hard to show it in the photo, it’s better in person :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Did you see that pink line before?


Beautiful! Yeah mine has the pink line too

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How do we know if it’s been officially paid?

If it’s relisted very soon, can assume it wasn’t paid.

I don’t work with Probstein much, but know their volume is enormous, so don’t know if they’d respond to a question asking.

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Ah, okay. I was thinking maybe there was some website or something that shows confirmation of payment on sold eBay listings haha

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Not that we need to speculate more about these cards, but maybe the pink line is a QC issue that is related to the sheet being in that state (no yellow borders). But it’s a chicken and egg thing: was the sheet printed to check for QC issues like that, or was the sheet taken out of production because of a possible QC issue. The former would be reason to call it a test sheet, the latter would be a product taken out of production due to printing issues.


Two pieces sold yesterday, crazy! :exploding_head:


I couldn’t believe the Mr. Mime sold for that much :exploding_head:


Everyone here is gonna claim shill bidding :joy:

Some of them do have zero feedback bidders. The only way to tell if it was shill bidding is to wait and see if they’re relisted. :person_shrugging:


I think these prices may be real. There were only 5 Test Print cards at Probstein’s auction that day. Previously, there were several dozen of them, so everyone had a chance to buy them cheaper.

But we’ll see if they get paid.

They could be worth that. But anyone with any eBay experience will see those bids and disregard the sale

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Guess we can safely assume it’s worth 765 then since the next bidder has over 1000 feedback?

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It’s hard to know. If the low feedback buyers were removed, would it have ended at $290? As you know, prices vary greatly on any given auction depending on who is bidding, especially for niche cards like this.

Here are the most recent sales. It’s possible that the value of these cards has magically jumped a few hundred dollars due to exposure. It’s equally possible that owners or the consignee(s) are shilling them.

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Auctioning them all at once was the best way to supress price. The more recent sales are probably more realistic prices.