Outline of Raichu tail visible on backside card, yes or no to grade and which company?

Just a question about an outline (PSA might see this as indent) on a card I wanted to bring to MINT next week for grading.
I will add the pictures. On the backside you see a part of Tail Raichu and I’m not sure what to do with this card.
Grade it ? And which company?

I have never seen this before on any of my cards (unless I didn’t look well enough)


I have PSA 9s like this

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I have both psa 9 and 6’s with this. In my experience with Japanese it gets treated more as an indent.

I know it’s factory, but I’d be really disappointed if I purchased a psa 9 and it had the indent of the outline on the back

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This issue is very prevalent with Bandai TCGs, primarily Digimon and DBS. In my experience it hasn’t effected the grade for the card. However, like others have stated it could be an auto 6 or end up a 9.

Hi. I bought a shining steelix years ago on ebay. Only recently I decided to put it in a grade pile only to find there to be the same exact indent as you but it was his big fat rock chin indented into the back.

Cracked and resent mine 4 times as I’ve seen shining psa 9s with this same exact indenture.

The grades respectfully in order of crack/submit: 6,7,6,6


I will put it in the bulk pile, there is no need to use an expensive service if the grade most likely will be a 5 or 6.

Looking forward to go to Las Vegas next week, if this works the way I understand there will be another trip in September.

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