Organizing your collection progress? Lists, etc

One of the most attractive aspects of collecting is, to me, the organizing. I’ve always enjoyed planning things ahead, making little lists etc. One of those lists is what to do when my pay check arrive; this way I know I’ll get what I really NEED out of the way before I might do some stupid impulse shopping and end up with too little money for what I actually needed to buy. (For my next paycheck, my first priority is new running gear and a bike + paying off my phone bill. After this I can spend more on things I just generally enjoy.)

Anyway, where I’m trying to get with this is; I’m currently in the middle of trying to arrange a collection plan. Right now I’m quite a mess. I want to buy everything. I’m having a really hard time to focus. I want to buy new 'chus, but I also want to buy boosters for fun from the new sets. (Which however will force me to get some sort of better bulk-storage.)

Do you guys just keep at the top of your head what you want to get your hands on next, or do you keep it organized somehow? Do you have some sort of system to keep track of what you want next, or of what you already have?

Maybe people aren’t as obsessed with organizing and listing as I am, but I sort of hoped someone here has a system I could take inspiration from. I was considering trying to find some sort of program for it, like excel, but I don’t remember if that program allows for adding pictures into the “schedules”. And a tumblr for one’s collection might be fun, but more difficult to keep organized. Hm…

Organizing is definitely one of the most fun things about collecting, and the whole reason I enjoy bulk lots. I did try using lists though at one point just to see what I had and what I needed but personally found to go through every set was just taking for ever… So now I just take a mental note and if needed check.

But I would recommend setting targets for what you want rather then just buy bits of this and that as you can loose sight and get bored because you don’t like where your collections at. I certainly did this a while back and know a few others that have.

Oh organizing is funny with me, I will spend more time organizing pokemon cards, than planning outings with friends. My girlfriend hates it.

I used to use excel to track all the monetary spending, but, became lazy.
I know people on this site sometimes post there collections organized on flikr or photobucket, that’s just for the image recording. There are some blogs the other girls use on here also, but I can’t remember the names of those.

Secondly, personally, I would recommend to buy full sets or in bulk when you can… its a lot cheaper on shipping costs if your living outside the USA like me. So you can organize budgeting a bit better.

But sometimes, you just gotta tell yourself no lol. There is tons I still want, but, just have to say no… haha

Apart from that, I have my binders colour coded, and labelled, and I am building custom displays for the cards to slide into my walls at home. Plus I make artworks out of sets too.

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I use excel to track what I spent on my cards but I don’t update it as often as I’d like so I end up doing it in waves. I would like to further organize though myself. Organizing makes your collection more fun and makes the presentation impressive. It definitely helps keep you on track but like kkthxbai said sometimes you have to say no. I REALLy have a hard time with that haha.