Old Blister Packs

I recently got a Charizard Base Set blister pack (woo! :blush:), but sadly, the glue holding the plastic to the cardboard has definitely broken down over the years. The plastic case is almost fully off. Is there anything I can do to it that won’t hurt its value?

I was thinking about using clear drying glue to put it back to the cardboard. I would use a very thin knife with a very thin layer of glue and put glue where the old glue use to be. If I do it right, you shouldn’t be able to tell at all that it was repaired, right?

Thanks for any suggestions!

OOOHMEEEHHGOOOSH! The same thing happened to both my Base Set Charizard blisters! I’ll do your glue trick on one of them to see how it works out and get back to you :blush:

Anytime you try to repair/clean something is baaaaaaadd in terms of collectibles. It is better just to keep all the pieces of the blister together and not touch it. Any collectible will be worth more (even damaged) if left in its original state (Well except old timey gas pumps and such).

On a side note…if you could somehow re-apply the adhesive perfectly it may be worth a shot…however I’m not sure if the glue you are using would be archival safe. It may do more harm than good.

Cling Wrap then put it away. Don’t want to make it worse.

Cling wrap?

@bluey.:* – Plastic wrap is also known as cling wrap or cling film in Canada and the UK.

@pokemontrader – You might want to be cautious with – if not avoiding, this material if using it in conjunction with trading cards. Cling wrap still contains polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which can ruin packaging, card surfaces and inks. I would not recommend using it for storage purposes of this nature.

Quoted for truth! :blush: As a collector avoid PVC AT ALL COST! I would simply store it in a nice archival or acid free box. They come in a variety of sizes depending on much you want to store and how much you want to spend.

Just get something nice then that will keep it from ripping more, like a nice shoe box!