Odd Question - Are PSA Slabs Water Proof?

Hopefully someone can help me out here - otherwise I might just have to do an experiment with one my my cheaper PSA Cards! Haha I’m curious as to whether or not PSA Graded Cards are waterproof? I’m assuming that they are - since they are well-sealed.

I’m probably just being super paranoid here; however, I just purchased a gun-safe and had it installed in my basement. The safe itself is rated for fire-protection; but, I am concerned about flooding in-case of fire - obviously don’t want to place any loose cards / packs on the bottom just in-case. I was hoping to be able to fill the bottom few shelves with graded cards.

Im not sure tbh, but im sure few collectors probably tested this out on here or made a youtube video on it!

Get a water resistant/proof case and put the psa cards in that and put that case in the safe, if you are really paranoid :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to sacrifice a PSA card to the gods!

Better get listedleaf on the case. Pretty sure I watched a vid of him freezing pokemon packs then chizzling them and opening to see what soggy pulls he got.

A friend of mine did the experiment and he said they are not waterproof. I wanted to do it by myself but i don’t have cheap cards :neutral_face:
As i remember i think he just immersed the card and put a rock on it and took it away 10 hours later.

Then I have heard another guy who put his card on the roof of his house while it was raining and nothing happened to the card.

To anybody who wants to try and share the results i guess he’s very welcome :grin:

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The video above, the guy claims his cards were fine after sitting in floodwater. But I once saw a video where a couple of kids boiled a PSA card in a pot and the water got through. So I’d assume water resistant but not waterproof.


They aren’t waterproof no. They are water resistant and this will will vary in effectiveness, because of their ultrasonic welds being slightly different each time.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m no chemical engineer :blush:

You want some major views on your YouTube channel smpratte? Boil an Illustrator on camera as a waterproof test.:money_mouth_face:


As I’ve stated here on e4 in the past, I boiled a card and it was fine. One disclaimer though…it was in an old case from the early 2000s.

I’ll patreon for one year at your current max level to see this. :grin:

I have a 1st ed clefable psa 8 in a new case that I do not care about - I’ll try it out and film it.

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Was it a base 1st ed? You would have been using them as coasters in the early days.

Lol, don’t remember. I probably still have it though.

That’s a good problem to have! Haha

THANKS for the Help Everyone!!!

There does seem to be a few mixed results - I did see that one YouTube Video that PFM shared (where the cards were not damaged). However, I also saw another video where the card was damaged - so I guess it just depends upon a few factors (and luck) as to whether or not the card will have water damage.

O Well… I guess I’m just going to have to re-organize my safe somewhat - keep more of my coin / silver collection on the bottom and the cards on-top. Then Again, I am probably just way over-thinking everything here! LOL

how bout I try it on a $10 card and you can send the clefable if my card gets damaged?? ?? ?

Edit: I definitely first read this as clefairy lol


hahah maybe :grin: anyway i always wanted to do this experiment but i’ve never had the possibility to do it so when my friend did it i was very curious of the outcome :blush: (my friend did it 2 years ago)

I might still give it a shot - I’ve got a few PSA 9 Unlimited Base Common Cards listed within my eBay Store that really don’t sell well. I might just pick-out one of the less-popular cards and see what happens (Maybe a Bill Trainer). They’re all in the newest-style PSA Cases - so it may be helpful (plus, I’m getting more-and-more curious now).

I’ll be sure to post the results!

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if you could would be awesome :blush: i can also buy you another card so we could try something different with water/sun light/whatever other test…just for the curiosity and for the good of the community of course :blush: