No International Shipping!!!

We’ve all seen these listings from USA sellers. They don’t feel protected shipping internationally cause with customs problems and sometimes month long shipping times they’ve given up on it.

Many of you have bought from USA eBay sellers. I’d like to know your feelings on shipping
If you win an item (let’s say a group of 5 toploaded cards) for 200.00:
How much should the seller charge you for international shipping? How long should it take to arrive for that amount? What should he put as customs amount?

Now, what if the item closes for 10.00? What should the seller charge you for shipping and when would you expect it to arrive for that shipping amount.

Lastly, a 1000.00 item? Customs amount?

I always give the buyer the most accurate shipping quote I can if they ask before they purchase, and if it is a Buy It Now item, I tend to give them a tiny discount to balance out their expensive shipping.

What pisses me off about International Shipping on eBay is if you set your item to “Calculate cost based on location” for international buyers, it is rarely accurate. Usually I have to pay an extra dollar or two, but one time I had to pay an extra $8, on a $20 item -___-

A lot of good items ore for sale on eBay USA only.
Even some of the rare cards/items. If they are willing to ship international, they are selling faster, ore going to get higher prices.
I sometimes ask if they are willing to ship to the Netherlands, but most of them won’t.:slightly_frowning_face:
For an expensive card/item I don’t mind if the shipping costs are high, because I want the package to arrive fast and complete. But please that … customs amount. I hate it. It makes expensive cards even more expensive. One time I bought cards for $ 30.00, I had to pay € 18.00 for custom fee. I was so mad about that.
Thankfully there are some really good sellers in Europe.

I regularly buy cards from the US and I noticed varying shipping prices between the sellers. Maybe it has to do with different states like CA is more expensive than NY, I dont know … but also there have been sellers who simply charged the same as for standard (national) shipping and even ones that gave me FREE shipping!

Here is what I think is reasonable:

  • Any number of individual cards that can be sent in a bubblemailer shouldn’t cost more than $10
  • Anything that requires a small box can be around $20 and more (depending on weight ect.)

Keep in mind that international customers most likely will have to pay customs office fees. Importing goods to Germany from outside the EU (USA for example) will cost an additional %19 of the original value/price for everything from $50!

If you use eBay or PayPal to ship, you cannot choose how much to declare the value of the package at, so yes, while a handful of cards can fit in a bubble mailer, and ship first class for under $10, if the value exceeds a certain amount (It’s either something like $250 or $400 - can’t remember) then you HAVE to ship Priority or another higher service, which is when shipping gets really expensive.

So? I wasn’t talking about packages of such high value. I’m just telling you how international shipping has worked out for me as a customer … Anything around that value shouldn’t go without insurance anyways.

I was just saying you shouldn’t always expect those prices or get mad when they are more than that :open_mouth:

I don’t get mad at all. Actually I have never experienced US sellers trying to make money off of shipping until now where as people in Germany try to do that from time to time!

A 10.00 bubble mailer from the states is about right BUT delivery times for that international 1st class can take 2-6 weeks. Is that ok with international buyers? I usually figure a smal priority box which is about 25.00usd (canada about 20.00) and takes less than two weeks.
Customs values I work with the buyer;)

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Depends on the buyer. Personally I don’t have any problems if it takes 4 or even 6 weeks until my package arrives. Most of the time the sellers provide me with a tracking number so I can always tell where my cards are at the moment and even without tracking … since I always check the seller prior to buying stuff (only buying from trustworthy members) I have never had any trouble with buying internationally! But again that’s just me, there might be others who want their cards to arrive more quickly.

If you buy cards via international shipping you should always be aware of delayed delivery times. Buyers who want their cards to arrive quicker must pay the extra charge …

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Wait, I’m confused.
Why should shipping increase because of a card’s value?
I mean aside from tracking the weights aren’t any different?

The value of the item affects customs fees and I guess more expensive items get treated better or something, maybe insurance reasons.