new promo's

Hi all just letting you know Mcdonalds australia have released a new mini set of black and white promo’s there are 12 cards in the set and you get one at rndom with your purchase of a happy meal. i wonder if the are aussie exclusive?

If so they may be a rare bunch to get a hand on in the future.

I can get cards for people if they want btw.

The card are available in the United States and in Australia only and come in McDonald’s Happy Meals. This promotion is occurring during the month of June only. There are a total of 12 cards.


Isn’t it all the same cards that were already released and just new toys?

Worth getting them?

I would definitely want the set, but I’m not about to walk down to McDonald’s and drop ~$24.

Is there a full list of the cards yet? Just kind of curious as to what they’re using this year.

I ate Happy Meals every day for a week last year to get all of the cards, but those weren’t reprints, so I probably won’t bother this year.

You can go in and just ask for certain cards and buy them straight there and then.
When I was younger I used to do that with all the toys so I had them all. Yes, I was a little brat when I was a kid and didn’t want to keep buying McDonalds as I hated them aha.

I was going to say the same thing.
My mother used to ask if I could get a certain toy or she would just buy a bunch.
They were like 25 cents each anyway so not a big deal.

I think they’re like $2 or $3 each. It’s hard for them to look at the specific cards because they’re packaged differently… *recently bought a Happy Meal* lol

The Pikachu toy seems to be the one that keeps these cards as mint as possible.
For myself… I think that they are worth getting… I’m trying to trade playable cards for them on the gym, though there aren’t many bites… Mainly because it takes forever to bump and all these newbies just keep showing up… But they are $2 + tax, each so I think they can only go up :blush:

That’s true. Once they stop giving them out, the McDonald’s workers get the rest of them. So the market (i.e. Ebay) will be flooded for like a week, and then when that dies down, the prices will only go up :confused:

I know someone who works for McDonalds and is hoarding them for me… lol If i have extras, I can offer them up to you guys. :blush:

Oh gosh, please do!! Tell him to have his friends (at work) take all the extras and then give them all to you so you can give them all to us :grin:

So I just walked down to McDonald’s and picked up a few of the toys. They were $1.93 each after tax, so yeah, about $2.

I must say, they are lovely. I want them all! The holograph on them is absolutely stunning