New collector in need of advice!!

I’ve recently decided to start up collecting pokemon cards again but have no idea where to start, I had cards when I was a kid but now want to do it properly. I know about all the different sets after hours of reading but now I need a starting point and I’m not sure whether to go back to the start with the Base set or whether to jump in the middle somewhere or even go straight to x and y cards because the older cards are harder to get hold of and if I start at the end and work backwards because I can start by buying booster packs and decks although I do love the first sets is it too unrealistic now?? oh and I’m broke so need good ways to get cards at low(ish) prices??

Well, let’s do the first things first.

You cannot collect without money.

I’m sorry, but there just isn’t any way to do it. It takes capital to invest in collectibles. It always has and always will.

That out of the way, starting with research was good. When you find an era you like, collect that. It is better to have a few cards from your favorite era than a lot of cards from your second favorite era. You will be happier in the long run. So pick your favorite. Then, pick between promotional cards and set cards. Find a place to start and stick to that goal. Finishing will be an exciting feeling for you.

On top of what was already said, you could stick to a particular type of collection instead of just sets. Do you have a favorite artist? Perhaps collect cards only done by that artist. Have a favorite Pokemon? Collect all cards featuring that Pokemon.

There are multiple ways to create collections, but make sure that whatever you decide, you choose what appeals to you the most.

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Start with a plan that suits you then stick with it. Don’t get detoured. This is especially important if you’re on a limited budget.


I would start where you left off. That is typically what most people do when they get back into collecting.

As for finances, start small. My first purchase when getting back into collecting was the Southern Island set, I believe it was $30. Go after what you want and take your time if things are too pricey.

How much money do you have? You should buy bulk

Welcome! How broke are we talking about? With how much you want to begin?

Take a stock of what you’ve got. Start small. Slowly but surely. If money’s tight, save up and don’t feel pressured into buying cards just for the sake of expanding your collection. Self-discipline will come a long way when building your collection. Focus on a set or even individual cards. Good luck.

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Well I have about £20 spare to get off to a good start!! but then wont have money for another couple of weeks!!

I’m trying to find all my old cards because I had bags full when I was a kid from buying loads of binders but so far I’ve found an oddish, magneite and aerodactyl so it’s not going too well!!

I think if you decide that the original era is your favorite it’s not too expensive if your patient and take your time to collect the original base set. I know I started with the base set then did jungle and fossil. It worked for me well because those are the sets I collected as a kid. Completing those sets got me more excited to collect other promo cards etc. Good or bad it ended up launching me into pretty serious collecting. But I feel nostalgia is a powerful force and if you want to actually reach a goal of completing a particular set, starting with what you collected as a kid can be a great start. But in the end as others said collect what you enjoy most. And I agree if you can be patient and disciplined you’ll be better off. Save your money for the cards you really want. I haven’t done a good job of this in the past and more recently I’ve been trying to stick to the main things I’m collecting and not get too distracted by good deals that pop up. It’s hard though. Welcome to the forum and to the crazy world of adult pokemon card collecting! You’ll be amazed what some of us are willing to pay for a fancy piece of paper :blush:

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Absolutely make sure to stick to the goal you choose. Not sticking to a goal can cost you a lot of time and money, and ultimately leave you unsatisfied with you collection. It is easy to find great deals, but it is much more difficult to be patient and find cards that mean something to you. The latter is what defines a great collection.