Neo Revelation Celebi #3 #16

Value of Neo Revelation Celebi #16 1st Edition PSA 10?
Value of Neo Revelation Celebi #03 1st Edition PSA 6?

I just bought a neo revelation celebi non holo PSA10 for about 22 USD. By how much did I over pay?

Thay seems like a fair enough price. Well-done!

Awsome thanks for reply! Im really not in the know about prices for these cards, just really love the idea of collecting them now cus i loved them so much when I was younger.

Im chatting with a seller now about a Neo revelation 1st edition celebi holo psa6, would you think this card is worth 13 USD?

For a PSA 6 I would suggest simply buying a mint ungraded version instead. Condition is everything.

Ok i see, and what price would you put on these cards?
First edition jungle flareon holo, nm/m ?
first edition ericka’s clefable holo in mint?