Neo blisters

During the years when Neo sets were distributed, were blister packs like these common sight ?

I have to admid this is the first time I’ve seen these anywhere. That seller has even all different artworks from Neo Revelation/Destiny listed.

I’ve seen these a few times. I mostly found them in non-comic/toy specific stores like FYE, K-Mart, etc. Granted, I wish I knew the collector value of them back then, but all I wanted to do as a kid was open them! XD

Yes, they were sold at walmart/target/toysrus…just blisters are sold now. I have seen loose packs and hobby booster boxes (with loose packs) at walmarts and targets but it happens very rarely. They seem to like blisters more.

Bought plenty of neo blisters back in the day…and opened them of course.

Totally agree with this post, blister packs in every store nowadays.

Not sure are older blisters in high demand with collectors, but at least they look really cool! :stuck_out_tongue: