Need some advice on display boards

Hi all!
Have been working a while on a way to display my collections, and finally decided to do this

Ordered some machined on dm wood and this is the result. I am still debating whether paint then black ir not, but I think this greenish color is to much for me. They are going to be framed on a walnut wood with a glass to prevent them from fallin/dust.
As you can see, the main issue is that I made them 2mm bigger in order to be able to remove them easily but it’s a bit too much…

What do you suggest, you think I can leave them like that? As they will be framed with a glass and hang on the wall, I don’t think it will be a big issue, just visual.
Do you have any idea on how to easily “fix” this?
And also, would you paint it black or just leave it like that?

What I am thinking for now is paint it black and frame it like that, have another 4 already made ( base set japanese, Spanish base set, fossil and team rocket)…


Black with glass would look great IMO. What colour will the frame be?

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Thank you! Walnut wooden will be the frame

That will definitely look super slick!

Already painted and sent for framing hehe

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@franmotard , Very nice! In case you’re interested, there are some nice locking glass display cases available on Amazon and eBay for displaying cards. I have a few myself and really like them: they are affordable, easy to rotate cards in and out, and come in a variety of colors/finishes.

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I also used these they are great!

This is the final look! Will upload few more pictures later today when I put them all together :blush:


Nice work!

I really want to do something like that someday! Not sure what set it would be though…

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Will share better pictures when hanged :face_holding_back_tears:
Still missing 2 more frames, one for the fossil and another one for the Spanish base set


Very classy, awesome job!

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Beautiful and classy!

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