Need help with my first PSA submission

So I’ve purchased the membership and I have 15 free grades. My cards are mint and above the economy $499 declared price per item. That’s the only option it’s giving me though. I’ll have more questions once I get through this part… thanks for the help!

Just submit them through economy. They may charge you for higher service after they grade, but probably wont. BTW the pokemon special is going on now for $7.50/card.

You boys insurance your packages when shipping to PSA?

Looking through recent discussion about bulk vs. the other services… it appears that the higher service charge comes with these types of submissions (Collector’s Club, etc.) more so than bulk. So yeah, I’d go with either the higher service level for these or just do economy/bulk. I can say I’ve personally never been upcharged on bulk with cards way over the $99 limit.

Not typically, but I send Priority flat rate to make sure it gets there quickly and has less chance or getting lost.

same honestly.
My last package was priced @ $23k , and i paid overnight shipping & it was lost for 4 days. Not a fun experience but it moved so i was thankful

So would you guys say it’s okay to throw 3 9-10 grade 1st edition holo dark charizards in this submission? Or do another one?

I’m so lost guys… Can I put $2,000 cards in my free 15 submissions? It’s all so unknown to me.

It isnt your fault. It is PSA’s fault for their terrible policy in regards to valuation and service levels. You can basically send cards of any value for any service. PSA will authenticate then grade them and possibly attempt to value them as to their market value depending on the grades they get. Theyll then potentially contact you to get you to pay more for any cards worth over the max value of the service level you submitted to.

Just know that it’s a bit safer to send cards reasonably within their value limits as theoretically the cards are only going to be paid out to you the values you put on the submission form in the event of a loss or damage.

Okay thank you very much… what would be the service I should look for for submitting a handful of higher tier cards?
Thanks again guys… I’ll get the hang of it

You have 15 free submissions, each was a theoretical max card value of $499 each. Yes your 1st edition Dark Charizards will easily fit in that rate. If it helps at all, about a year ago I sent a 1st edition base Charizard I knew was pretty beat up, it got a PSA 2 and sold the following week for $1200. That was sent in on the $499 rate.

Right now with how swamped they are, I have my doubts as to whether or not they are up-charging anybody or have the capacity to at the moment.

Just send them with your free submission and then if they get 9/10, they may charge you a small upgrade fee but might not. Either way, I’d use my free sub voucher on it.

From what other people have said is those free vouchers get the most scrunnity when they check for declared values. I did my first two orders of the poke mania service, first submission was 25 cards and then I went all out with 185 on my next. Not sure how long it will take as it seems lots of other people are doing this same service right now to save money.

Thanks for all the help guys. I’m sending my 15 I planned on before I even knew about the $499 cap. I’ll have more questions soon… no doubt will run into something that’ll make me worry.